Marriage Counseling in Memphis

Marriage counseling is a specialized form of psychotherapy where a trained professional counselor trains clients on how to alter certain behavioral patterns, resolve conflicts, and improve the overall quality of interpersonal relationships. Marriage counseling, sometimes referred to as marital therapy, is offered as individual sessions, infrequently, or as part of a couples’ therapy group. A variety of sources provide marriage counseling services, including churches, labor unions, human resources departments of companies, schools, colleges and universities and some even offer free marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling can be successful if both partners participate and commit fully to the process. The sessions can last for two hours or more, sometimes longer, depending on the desires of the couple. During these sessions the counselor helps the couple to explore the issues that are causing the problems in their marriage. These may include such subjects as: sexual abuse, financial issues, work/life balance issues, resentment and other unresolved emotional issues. Once these have been identified, the counselor will help the couple to determine the best way to deal with them in order to improve their marriage.

One of the most important steps in marriage counseling is for the counselor to determine the role that both parties are playing, especially in the early stages of the relationship. This will make it easier for him or her to identify potential barriers to overcome. The counselor will also listen carefully to each partner’s story in order to try to discover any discrepancies or other factors that may have contributed to the current state of affairs. At the conclusion of this stage of the marriage counseling process, the counselor will take steps to repair the damage that has been done.

The goal of marriage counseling is not to cause someone to leave the relationship; however, the counselor will try to help the couple come to a point in which they feel comfortable communicating again and are able to feel comfortable enough to open up to one another on an intimate level. It is very important for both people in the relationship to be comfortable enough to share everything that is going on. When this happens, the resentment starts to ebb and flow instead of being a consistent presence. Also, when both partners feel like they are making efforts to repair the relationship, it helps them bond even more tightly. The marriage counseling session should be an effort by both parties to rediscover the love that was once present.

Because every couple has different personalities and preferences, the marriage counselor will tailor the sessions according to the needs of each couple. During this time, the counselor will give valuable advice that can improve the couple’s relationship or can lead to a possible divorce. A good counselor will work closely with each couple to identify the specific problems that are causing the difficulties and to find solutions to those problems. Sometimes, this can lead to an amicable resolution.

It should be noted that marriage counseling in Memphis does not guarantee the success of a relationship. However, couples who work with a good counselor will find that their relationships are stronger than before and that their bonds have been strengthened. A couple who is experiencing a troubled marriage may think that the only way to get help is to see a marriage counselor. However, couples who seek the assistance of professionals have been shown to improve their chances of having a successful marriage.