Marriage Counseling in Ocean Springs, MS

If you’re looking for marriage counseling in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover what to expect, how to find one, and where to find it. Before you make your final decision, however, you should know some basic information first. Let’s start with the cost. If you’re looking for free advice, you can always look for online reviews.


Several factors determine the cost of marriage counseling in Ocean Springs, MS. The type of degree a marriage counselor has may have a bearing on their fees. For example, a psychologist may charge more than a marriage counselor who is a licensed clinical social worker or marriage and family therapist. Another factor to consider is the length of each session. Sessions typically last for 60 to 75 minutes, so you may be charged upwards of $150 per session. Most counselors will disclose the fee on the paperwork, but you should still verify the fee during the first phone call.

In general, the cost of marriage counseling is more expensive than individual therapy. Most insurance plans do not cover marriage counseling because it is not considered a mental illness. However, some plans cover couples therapy for a lower cost. Also, it is important to keep in mind that most couples counseling is not covered by insurance, so you should shop around before making a final decision. It’s worth researching the cost of marriage counseling in Ocean Springs, MS before deciding to visit a counselor.


When your relationship hits rock bottom, you may want to seek marriage counseling in Ocean Springs, MS. You’ll want to make sure that the counselor has the proper education and training in marriage and family therapy and is licensed. Often, the first session will be difficult for both parties, so be sure to find someone who can work with your partner in a safe, confidential setting. Here are some of the most common types of marriage counseling in Ocean Springs, MS.

Marriage counseling in Ocean Springs is an effective way to overcome problems and resolve conflicts. At Bobby Scott & Associates Professional Counseling, licensed professional counselor Jessica Reed can help couples work through their issues. She has a lot of experience helping people find solutions to their problems and is committed to excellence in depth-oriented psychotherapy and quality professional development. Her approach to marriage counseling is effective and her clients report feeling more relaxed and contented than ever.

While traditional therapists focus on couples’ relationship issues, online therapists have unique perspectives on how to approach difficult problems. They can work with clients through innovative forms of communication, including in-app messaging, live chat, and video sessions. In addition, many online therapists are available by phone and are willing to work with people from Ocean Springs, MS. The Internet also provides a more convenient and affordable option.

Where to find

There are many ways to get help for your relationship, and marriage counseling in Ocean Springs, MS is one of them. Often, therapy with a clinical psychologist is not covered by your health insurance. However, some plans will pay for counseling sessions, and Ocean Springs has a number of professionals who offer this service. You can choose from a number of different therapists based on your needs, and their level of expertise and experience.

If you’re looking for an experienced marriage counselor in Ocean Springs, MS, Anchor Psychology Center, PLLC is the place for you. The staff at this Ocean Springs, MS counseling practice has specialized training and specializes in treating mental health issues. These professionals specialize in treating a range of issues, and provide individual and group therapy to help spouses work through difficult situations. They can also refer you to a mental health professional if necessary.