Marriage Counseling in Richmond, Indiana

marriage counseling richmond indiana

Seeing a marriage counselor is a good way to make sure your relationship is on the right track. While marriages are often difficult, the problems that arise in them are not uncommon. During these tough times, many couples struggle to resolve conflict between partners. Fortunately, Richmond couples’ counseling services can help you and your partner move past disagreements and overcome their differences. It’s important to note that not every Richmond counselor can solve all of your problems.

Brian Mayer

If you are in need of a marriage or relationship counselor, Brian Mayer, LCSW, can help. This professional therapist practices in Richmond and is located at 9601 Gayton Rd #120. The center has received 10 reviews and has a rating of 4.6 stars. He works with individuals as well as couples to help them overcome obstacles. Contact him today for a free phone consultation.

Thrive Family Counseling

There are many benefits of marriage counseling. Couples can learn how to communicate better, strengthen their partnership, and resolve conflicts. Therapy can help couples better understand one another and iron out any issues before marriage. In addition, couples who are currently married may find it easier to meet for counseling sessions online or via phone. Online couples therapy is an excellent option for couples with busy schedules. In-person couples therapy is also available at LifeStance Health.

Thrive Family

At Thrive Family, you can get personalized help from a therapist who is passionate about holistic care. The practice’s therapists specialize in treating patients with a variety of medical issues and accept most insurance plans. They also accept sliding scale fees and offer pro bono services. This type of care has been proven to be extremely beneficial and helps people find the healing they need. This therapist is a native of Ohio.