Marriage Counseling Indiana – Is It Right For You?

Christian marriage counseling in Indiana, just north of Cleveland, Ohio started out twenty-five years ago as a means to saving marriages. The author and founder were a divorced thirty-nine-year-old woman who’d had enough of fighting with her “husband” to go the extra ten miles. She’d had enough of it all, in her mind, that she was ready to give up everything and move to another continent, when the opportunity presented itself. This was “a turning point” for Patently one of the many thousands who have walked away from a Christian marriage counseling program and the “grieving process” found at the end of the road.

Over the past twenty-five years there has been a significant increase in the number of people walking away from a Christian marriage counseling program. Obviously, this can be attributed to an increase in the amount of information out there on marriage and divorce. In addition, there are many more “minor” reasons, but primarily, it is the recent trend of a Christian marriage counseling southern Bend Indiana to be a hotbed for divorce. Why is this? First, in the state of Indiana, they have a unique marriage law, which, while being far more stringent than federal standards, still allows some latitude when it comes to deciding what is fair or not when it comes to a couple’s divorce.

If you are in a relationship where a wife has left and says she wants a divorce, a marriage counseling program in southern Bend Indiana will likely recommend a separation or divorce. In most cases, a separation will happen much quicker and be smoother than a divorce. A separation can be amicable and allow time to heal from the situation. However, if a wife has moved out of an abusive situation and is seeking a divorce because of financial issues, then a marriage counseling program probably won’t be helpful and a limerence may destroy marriage.

Many couples who have experienced the hard times believe that counseling can help them repair their marriage. While counseling can certainly play a role in saving a marriage, it is ultimately the marriage itself that must be repaired. Although counseling may provide insights into what has gone wrong, it may not provide enough information to allow healing to begin. The bottom line is that when a couple decides to get a divorce, it is usually because they can’t continue living with the other person. There are several other reasons why a marriage may end, but by the very nature of marriage, both parties need to be willing to make a hard decision based on individual self evaluation.

Some may believe that the Bible teaches for a husband to submit to his wife in the marriage and for a wife to submit to her husband in the marriage. Although this is commonly misunderstood, the Bible does teach that both sexes need to honor each other and do for each other what God has commanded. Although many may argue that this leads to a “free for all” type of marriage, it has worked throughout history and can definitely work in today’s society. The first step in any marriage relationship is for both partners to be willing to make a hard decision based on what they both believe will benefit them and their relationship.

Whether or not marriage counseling will improve your situation or not, is really a personal issue. For some, marriage counseling might prove beneficial while for others, it will not. If your marriage is in trouble, there is no better time than now to take advantage of all that marriage counseling has to offer. Don’t waste another day watching as your marriage slowly crumbles away. Get the help you need to begin working on a better future for yourself and your future.