Marriage Counseling – Is It Necessary?

Are you a married, Christian, couple in Lakeville? If so, are you considering marriage counseling with a local Christian marriage counselor? If you answered yes to both of these questions, we urge you to reconsider. We do not recommend that you seek marriage counseling from a counselor or anyone else, for that matter. Instead, we encourage you to work on your relationship with God and focus on being his best friend in all matters.

As a former counselor, I often found myself spending countless hours with couples who were simply unhappy with their current marriage. I noticed that much of the stress in these cases centered around one fundamental issue. The couples didn’t have a strong relationship with the Lord. And when they did get married, their marriage wasn’t going very far. Sometimes, their lack of focus was as bad as the problems in their relationship.

The truth is that marriage counseling by itself can rarely remedy such problems. A couple has to want to make changes in order for the marriage counseling to be successful. Otherwise, the marriage counseling will simply be a temporary fix.

When a couple first gets married, they are excited. They have great expectations for the future, including a successful, prosperous marriage. This new found, hopeful happiness is usually tempered by the reality that most marriages don’t last very long. So, most soon discover that the marriage counseling has been merely a way for them to temporarily feel better about the situation and their relationship.

Most times, the marriage counseling session ends in the couple further hurting themselves and hurting their relationship with the Lord. Often, the married couple will make things worse by arguing, fighting, bickering and trying to get through the problems without the help of God. What they don’t realize is that unless they come to their marriage with the desire to change, and the willingness to put God at the top of their priority list, then it’s unlikely that they will ever see any progress. It is only when you’re willing to go to bat for your marriage that you’ll see any results.

It doesn’t matter if your marriage is like Lakeville, TN, or if it’s a small fishing village on the Big Black River. If you’re struggling with your relationship with your spouse, marriage counseling is not mandatory. But it sure is helpful! When you and your spouse sit down together for a honest talk, you will learn more about yourself and about the potential marriage between you and your spouse.