Marriage Counseling: Is it Right For You?

Marriage counseling can really help many couples that may be having some marital problems. It is an important step to save a failing marriage. Counseling can also help you improve your confidence and self-esteem. This is what marriage counseling helps you accomplish.

Marital dependency is a progressive disorder that becomes worse over time. It used to be a period set aside solely for asylum and national cleansing. Yet, research by area in 2021 has proven that less than twenty percent of those that take on the role of messiah as their Jesus of Nazareth do so later their second marriage. Sadly, twenty percent eventually end up in divorce. This is not a surprising statistic since marriage counseling is not the most effective tool to address marriage problems.

The problem is that many married women feel very alone, especially when their husbands are abusive. They will seek help because they feel that nothing can be done to protect them from further harm. In fact, statistics show that married women are subjected to more physical and psychological abuse from their husbands than any other gender. It is therefore surprising that counseling services are advertised as helpful for married women seeking to restore their human relationship with their spouses.

Most likely, a married woman is not at all prepared for the emotional upheaval that happens when a marriage is threatened by separation or divorce. She has probably grown used to certain routines and cannot expect her husband to suddenly change his behavior and assume a different role. As a result, marriage counseling will be ineffective. Unless you initiate it yourself, you will have to face up to the reality that you cannot expect your husband to understand the necessity and significance of counseling. Moreover, once he realizes that counseling is vital for maintaining a satisfying human relationship, it will be too late. Unless both of you initiate it, you will be moving in circles that have no ending.

If you are a married woman who feels that marriage counseling will help your marriage, the first step is to make a list of reasons why it is important to save your marriage. As you create this list, make sure that you only include those elements that are relevant to your unique situation. For example, if you are concerned that your husband is becoming physically abusive, do not include that element on your list. Similarly, if you believe that your husband is emotionally unavailable, do not include that element on your list either. It is unrealistic to expect that your husband will suddenly transform into a loving and available human being if your marriage counseling efforts are only going to result in you feeling more depressed.

After you have made a list of your own, sit down with your marriage counselor and discuss the issues that are relevant to your situation. Again, keep in mind that your marriage counseling should be a partnership. Do not expect your husband to be fully receptive to the idea if you approach it as a lone effort. Although, a marriage counselor can be helpful if your husband refuses to seek professional counseling, he can also help you by helping you to identify ways in which you can improve your marriage while taking the appropriate steps to protect yourself from future problems.

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