Marriage Counseling Ormond Beach FL – Is It the Right Place For You?

If you have an interest in marriage counseling in Portland, Oregon, then you may be interested in learning that the Portland Bureau of Alcoholism and Drug Administration has a program called “orers.” OERS stands for “Oaks Onset Response Team,” and this is a collaboration of the state government, the local law enforcement agencies and community groups. OERS is a key component in keeping the streets safe for everyone. What exactly is “more or”?

The program works by connecting recovering from a sexual addiction with a marriage counselor. This marriage counselor is a licensed therapist that has experience working with married women who are suffering from a sexual addiction. The “garden of temptation” is a phrase that applies to sex addicts, specifically those who are married. When a married woman becomes addicted to sex, she becomes vulnerable to becoming involved with a crime syndicate or a group of men who are sexually addicted. By partnering with a trained therapist, a woman can recover from her addiction and move forward in her life.

OERS marriage counseling in Portland is similar to the 12 Step programs that are available in several other cities. One difference is that in order to be admitted into the program, the woman must first give a formal statement of her addiction to sex. Once admit, the woman will work with a certified counselor who will then help her identify ways in which she can rebuild her marriage and move forward. The key is that the counselor will guide the couple through marriage counseling and not simply give the married woman advice on how to get her ex back. The goal is to restore the relationship and make it as functional as possible.

In addition to working towards repairing a damaged marriage, a recovering addict will also need to learn how to remain faithful to her partner after receiving help from a professional. Jesus said that if a person can forgive another person he or she can forgive him or her. Many married women may have allowed their sexual addiction to get the best of them and have strayed from their husband, leading to a divorce. Healing from an addiction does not mean forsaking your spouse; rather, it means learning to live by the example of Jesus and remaining completely committed to him.

While there is no shortage of marriage counseling services in Cape Coral, there may be a lack of individualized help. Many couples find it helpful to join a local group in order to receive individualized help in overcoming a number of life-altering issues. The goal of these groups is to focus on the couple and help them find the strength and faith necessary to move forward in their lives. Through marriage counseling, a recovering addict will be able to open up and share personal feelings with others who are also going through similar situations. Through group therapy sessions, a couple can learn what past problems have led to current difficulties, which can help them avoid repeating past mistakes.

Whether you are just getting started in your marriage or if you’ve seen signs of trouble, a marriage counseling center in Cape Coral FL is a good place to start. There is likely a counselor who will be able to help you in many different ways. After a couple has met with a counselor and made personal progress reports, they may be encouraged to try marriage counseling on their own. Whether they choose to go through individualized therapy at a marriage counseling center in Cape Coral FL or opt to go it alone, couples are sure to find that their marriage counseling has helped them grow together as a couple and opened their eyes to new possibilities.