Marriage Counseling – Part II

Have you heard of Chester County, Pennsylvania’s largest city? The location of the county’s capital city, ogyneck is known as a melting pot of many cultures. This unique blend allows Chester County to develop its own unique culture, because people from all over the world come here and contribute. In fact, you will find that a number of ethnicities and religious groups call Chester County home. Let’s look at some of these different groups who might be interested in Chester County homes for sale.

First of all, there is the United States Christian Coalition, which helps to support a number of Chester County Christian Schools. Many of these schools offer both public and private education. Some of the schools are: Bethel College, Bethel Bible College, Bethel College of Biblical Studies, Bethel Evangelical Seminary, Bethel Institute of Science, Bethel Bible Institute, Bethel ministries, Bethel Pentecostal Holiness, Bethel Sunday School, Bethel Village, Bethel Young Christian, Bethel Yard School, and Bethel Temple. In addition, the Coalition also offers monetary gifts and assistance to underprivileged Christians.

In addition to offering quality education, these schools also make it easy for those attending them to practice their faith by eating pork. On several occasions, students have been asked to refrain from eating pork, because of a pork sandwich that was ordered to them. While some have chosen not to give up their pork sandwiches, many others have given up eating pork for the sake of the children.

Next on the list is the Society of Friends for the Holidays. The society was founded in 1938 as a group of women who were interested in keeping the tradition of the holiday alive. Today, this wonderful group of ladies meet once a month in a large house, known as a Woman’s House, to celebrate the importance of each holiday. This includes a massive holiday roast on Thanksgiving Day. During this very productive gathering, sisters discuss the ways that they can continue to teach the Word of God while enjoying delicious food.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Christians Against Pork. These individuals seem to believe that if someone eats meat then they should not be called Christian. They openly advertise that they do not believe in any form of pork. While the society does not publicly announce who they are or what group they belong to, it has become clear to anyone that has ever been in their gathering that they are a group of fundamental Christians that are against eating pork and any form of pork-related products.

So, the next time that someone comes to you asking for advice on marriage or any other topic, you may want to ask them if they happen to be a traditional, fundamental Christian, or a more liberal Christian. If they happen to be a traditional, fundamental Christian, then they are probably a bit confused when it comes to their beliefs about eating pork. If they happen to be a more liberal type of Christian, then they most likely are not going to eat any type of pork or any pork-related products. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t Christians that happen to be very strong traditional Christians that happen to strongly believe that God commanded us to eat pork.

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