Marriage Counseling Retreats in Virginia

marriage counseling retreats in virginia

Virginia has many advantages for couples seeking marriage counseling. The state was the first English settlement and has a rich history. It is also known as the “mother of presidents,” with eight US presidents being born there. It is also home to William and Mary college, the second oldest in the country. It is also the site of the US Air Force’s marriage conferences and the Atlantic Naval Fleet. Marriage counseling retreats in Virginia focus on the covenant approach to marriage.

Imago Relationships

Imago Relationships’ marriage counseling retreats in Virginia help couples transform their relationship through an innovative two-day workshop. Couples work through core issues in their relationship while engaging in a formal dialogue that helps them move from blame to empathy. This process helps couples recognize and validate their partner’s feelings and create deeper connections.

The two-day retreat focuses on understanding the underlying issues in relationships and the love languages of the couple. The two-day retreat is followed by eight follow-up sessions. The goal is to integrate the work done and create the most positive change possible for the relationship. It can be tailored to fit a specific couple’s needs.

The Restoring Hope program teaches couples how to understand their own personal relationship histories and how these relationships have impacted their lives. It includes writing exercises that help couples identify patterns in their past relationships and find missing parts in themselves. In addition, couples will learn the art of safe communication through Imago Dialogue. This practice has been shown to help couples heal their relationship and become happier.

Imago Relationships offers marriage counseling workshops and retreats in Virginia for couples struggling with their relationship. Its founders, Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin and Rivka Slatkin, are dedicated to restoring broken marriages through imago relationship therapy. They are certified Imago Therapists and licensed clinical professional counselors specializing in marriage therapy.

Imago Relationships’ marriage counseling retreats in Virginia also provide a home-based program with an audio-learning system, virtual communication, and workbook. Their goal is to help couples achieve their relationship goals and strengthen their bonds and commitment. These retreats are available in Northern Virginia and Fairfax. The course also teaches couples the therapeutic process of identifying destructive relationship triggers and strengthening their relationship.

Rural Retreat

If you are considering a couples retreat, consider the options available in rural Virginia. This state is known as the “birthplace of a nation,” home to the first English settlement in America. It is also known as “the mother of presidents,” as eight of the country’s presidents were born here. Additionally, the state is home to the second-oldest college in the country, William and Mary college. It also hosts the United States Air Force’s marriage conference, which provides couples with professional help in improving their relationships.

Rural Virginia therapists typically charge a fee of about $85.50 per session, though many are comfortable charging as much as $200. However, there are also therapists in Rural Retreat who offer sliding-scale fees that factor in the client’s income and charge based on that amount. Many sessions are also billed every four weeks, so you can afford to pay only what you can afford.

The first step in determining the type of therapist you’d like to work with is to research their backgrounds and experience. By searching online, you can find a therapist in Rural Retreat VA who specializes in the type of therapy you need. Make sure to consider the gender of the therapist and how much experience they have in this field. If possible, select someone who works near you. This way, you’ll be able to meet and work with the right person without spending a fortune on travel.


Mark Dawson has a unique blend of Christian theology and psychology, integrating his training in evidence-based counseling with his own beliefs about the timeless wisdom of God. He helps couples and individuals resolve relationship issues in a holistic way. He has helped people recover from pornography addiction.

The retreats are offered in an all-inclusive resort that is the perfect setting for marriage counseling. Couples who attend the retreat will be able to work on their relationships with a counselor who has an expert knowledge of marriage and family. They will have the opportunity to learn about the covenant approach and how to strengthen their marriages.

The goal of the retreat is to help couples improve their communication. Often, couples do not communicate well with each other, feeling too afraid to express their feelings. But, when couples go on these retreats, they learn to speak up to one another in a way that is safe for both of them.

The retreat schedule begins at 9:00am, with check-in, and includes a series of morning and afternoon sessions. There is also time for a brief evening prayer. Couples are encouraged to enroll in the retreats as early as one month before their wedding date. This allows for enough time to complete the retreat and prepare for the celebration.

The retreat is offered in eight states. Each one is designed by Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists who have the expertise to help military couples. This type of retreats are ideal for couples who have been separated for extended periods. The military life is a complicated one, and a retreat can help you deal with the changes.


At Retrouvaille, couples learn various communication and relationship techniques to make their marriage stronger and more compatible. While attendees are not expected to share their personal stories, they are encouraged to do so. In addition, they listen to presentations from three couples who have gone through the program. After listening to the presentations, attendees write down their own reflections. The three presenting couples are former clients of Retrouvaille, such as Ana and Tony, who will be presenting in March.

Couples also meet for monthly small-group support meetings to reinforce the communication tools they learned over the weekend. These monthly meetings also provide a welcoming space for couples to start repairing their relationships. This unique program allows couples to get away from the usual responsibilities and distractions that can lead to marital breakdown.

The program is for husband and wife, and not cohabitating couples. Couples attending the program will undergo an intensive weekend retreat where they will work on communication and gain new insights into each other’s lives. The weekends are usually held in a local hotel or a retreat center. During the weekend, couples meet with three couples and a priest or minister who have experienced the same challenges as they have. They share their stories to give couples hope.

The Retrouvaille program takes a Christian approach to marriage. Couples attending the program will receive tools to improve communication and restore their relationship. This program has helped thousands of couples resolve issues and improve their quality of life. Each retreat involves three days and six post-weekend sessions.

The cost of the retreat is $300 per person. This is comparable to two to three months of weekly sessions with a marriage counselor. Couples who are financially challenged can apply for financial assistance to help cover the cost of the retreat. The retreats are conducted in a comfortable, safe location in Fairfax.

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