Marriage Counseling Services for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Marriage counseling services are basically a form of psychotherapy. They assist couples to understand each other better. They are also effective in easing tensions and resolving conflicts. The marriage counseling in South Jersey gives you and your spouse access to resources and tools to discuss your differences, resolve mutual problems, and be better negotiators. Counseling can also improve the way both of you interact with each other, making for a more peaceful and loving relationship.

Your free marriage counseling services can be accessed through several sources including hospitals, community mental health organizations, schools, and insurance plans. In most instances, couples are referred to a licensed therapist, psychologist, registered nurse, or a licensed marriage and family therapist. All couples are seen and given individual attention based on their individual needs. A professional therapist will take the information from the couple and build a personalized therapy plan specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual.

In most instances, there is a need for couples to work together when working on marital problems. It is often difficult for either party to express their thoughts and feelings without becoming defensive or blameful. When one person is diagnosed with a psychological or mental disorder, it can affect the relationship in a negative way. Many times, couples will attempt to mask the disorder as they try to work things out. Sometimes this can lead to further difficulties. A trained professional will be able to identify the disorder and provide the correct diagnostic information to help both individuals and couples work out positive techniques for healing.

The first step that any individual or couple should take is to visit their local social service office. A social worker will be able to determine if the person seeking help has a mental disorder, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, or another issue that may have separated them from their family or friends. The social worker will also be able to determine if the couple has received counseling from a qualified professional or in a church setting. If the individual or couple has received both of these types of treatment and still have unresolved conflicts, then their professional should be contacted. The social worker will be able to provide the necessary diagnostic testing and work with the couple on an individualized therapy plan. If a diagnosis of alcoholism or drug abuse is made, the appropriate services should be pursued.

Most individuals who are seeking marriage counseling will have already received some type of psychotherapy. This will most likely include individual psychotherapy in conjunction with a good marriage therapist or counselor. When an individual has received adequate treatment and is still having issues, then they may consider entering into a joint conjoint treatment program. When two or more professionals are working together to provide effective treatment, they will be better able to address all of an individual’s needs and improve their quality of life.

The most important thing is for the couple to be open with one another when a diagnosis of a mental health issue is made. Marriage counseling is about the couple and not about either party alone. By involving one another in the process of getting treated for alcoholism or drug addiction, the couple will feel more connected and will have greater ability to work together. A marriage therapist or counselor will be able to refer the couple to a mental health professional when this diagnosis occurs.

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