Marriage Counseling: Should You Consider It?

Danny was no different. He had moved on after having an affair with a woman he met in church, but now his marriage was in trouble. His wife, tenderly holding the baby aloft as she rocked him to sleep, had begun to discuss divorce and the future of the family. Danny knew that if he quit his job as a result of being ill, his parents would certainly not allow him to get back on track with his life.

Dan and Mae were never married, nor were they ever perfect couples. There were always problems, but each time they addressed them, they pulled further apart. They could never find happiness with the other person they loved. It was obvious to Dan and Mae that they needed professional help.

What can be so difficult? To face up to the pain and learn how to forgive each other? How do you let go of a childhood secret and finally accept your spouse the way he or she is? These are questions you must ask yourself before you begin.

Marriage counseling can provide answers and solutions for these difficult questions. If your marriage is on the rocks, talk to your local counselor today. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

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