Marriage Counseling – Should You Not Seek Counseling?

A few years ago when I went in for marriage counseling I asked the counselor if he considered himself a civil rights attorney. He said “Oh, sure, I’m a civil rights attorney.” Then he told me that under the federal marriage amendment (section 1) which protects the freedom of religious expression in marriage and ensures the right of each State to determine their own marriage laws he is not a civil rights attorney and could not give legal advice relating to any particular case. I asked why not, he did not appear to know what the answer was and repeated his answer, “Because I cannot give legal advice.”

Well, let’s go back to the federal marriage amendment and look at the definition of marriage. The wording of the amendment is worded as a guarantee that no governmental body will ever decide whether or not a person should be allowed to get married. This would define marriage as something religious which is sacred only to a certain group of people. It clearly eliminates any religious beliefs and any references to God in it.

Then there is the fact that there is no guarantee that someone will remain married for the rest of their lives. What about the man or woman who has had one partner come and then decided they want to get married another. How do you suppose that will play out? What will happen now with all of those thousands of same-sex couples out there? How will the family members of these two women interact now?

There is a lot of marriage counseling going on right now in Florida between same-sex couples who are trying to figure out what to do. Many are confused, many feel hurt and confused, and a lot of them want the help of an objective third party. Unfortunately there are no objective third party when it comes to marriage. Let’s face it there are still people who believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman and it is not a choice.

If you were faced with two choices between staying together and breaking up you would likely want to pick the option that makes you feel better about yourself. As much as I respect the sanctity of marriage counseling and the rights that people have regarding it, marriage counseling in Lakeland FL does not offer that option. The only way a marriage counselor would be able to help someone in such a dilemma would be if they saw that the person needed to be helped, truly helped. That is something that is definitely not the case here in Lakeland Florida.

There is no benefit to either party in a Lakeland Florida marriage counseling session if that person will not go on to seek the counsel of an expert family law attorney. Just because someone in Lakeland FL may be considering having a same-sex relationship does not mean they have to make a decision to break up the family. The family courts in Florida are full of people who feel just that way and would do anything within reason to preserve their heterosexual relationships. Marriage counseling would serve no such purpose for someone in Lakeland FL other than possibly discouraging them from taking the advice that the marriage counselor provides.

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