Marriage Counseling – The Number One Problem You May Encounter

If you are seeking marriage counseling in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I believe you will be greatly disappointed with what you find. This is not an area of great marital problems, yet it is one of the most oversaturated with marriage counselors. A quick Google search and you will find yourself buried in an ocean of men with wives seeking their advice. What can a married man do to help his wife?

First, I believe one of the key elements in helping a marriage is to identify the issues that are at the root of the problem. As I stated in my other articles, marriage is a work of faith and many times it becomes a source of anxiety for a spouse. When a family therapist helps a married woman determine where these root causes of marital problems lie, a bond is created that makes it easier for the couple to resolve the real issues. When a real resolution has been made then the family therapist can move on to other areas of helping the couple to create a fulfilling and healthy marriage.

Many of the marriage therapists I spoke with expressed a concern that much of the marriage counseling intake was taking place in therapy groups. While that may be fine for some, there is a big difference between “growing” a couple through group therapy and having two individuals that are each trying to solve their own marriage problems. The key is to have both spouses involved in the treatment. In other words, if you are seeking marriage counseling in Gaithersburg MD and you come across a therapist who is only interested in working with you and your spouse, you may want to consider another therapist. Both of you must be engaged.

The next key element of good marriage counseling in Gaithersburg MD is for the family therapist to keep up with all the latest trends in behavioral science, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, etc. If a therapist is truly committed to treating couples and their problems then they need to have their heads in the sand when it comes to new trends. No one wants to be stuck listening to the same old stuff, yet people keep trying to mold our behavior with behavior modification techniques that date back almost a century.

A true professional needs to know how to use the latest information on the subject of marriage and family therapy if they are going to help the couple they are helping. What’s the biggest problem married couples have in the marriage department? What is it that most married women really desire from marriage? If you ask most married women they will tell you that they want to be treated with respect and feel that their partner truly understands them. The best way to get that happens is to learn what the top marriage issues are and then the marriage counselor must use that information and apply it to each and every married couple.

The top issues married women seem to be concerned about are codependency and mutual incompatibility. codependency is where the married woman depends on her man too much and the man refuses to provide anything in return. Mutual incompatibility is where the married woman feels emotionally neglected by her husband and feels that she must make all of the important decisions herself. A good therapist will be able to identify both of these issues and help the couple fix them. By using information from the past and current experts in marriage counseling, a therapist can help fix the problem and get the married woman back to feeling respected again.