Marriage Statistics – Why Are the Divorces Increasing?

Marriage Statistics in the United States is available for anyone to see. These statistics are important to anyone who is involved with marriage or who is considering getting married. These statistics can show a person many important facts that they may not know about. The most common information one can learn from these statistics is that marriage has the highest rate of divorce than any other type of relationship. It also shows that men and women who get married, stay together for life.

When you look at marriage statistics, it shows there was a lot of marriage decline the last several years. With the economy going down, more people got divorced. Divorces are on the rise in all areas of the world. There was a 33% increase in the number of divorces from the last year to the first year of the current Obama administration. The numbers of first marriages and divorces have also increased for the last several years.

The reasons for the increase in divorces have to do with the increasing number of pressures in the lives of people in recent years. People are working longer hours and bringing home less money. The increased amount of time they spend with their families has caused more stress for them and more problems in the home. A higher rate of divorce seems to occur when both parties are under a great deal of stress and pressure from their careers.

Many people do not realize that marriage statistics also show a higher rate of divorced people. This means that more people are getting divorced. One reason for this could be the amount of freedom people have now. People are getting less traditional ties and want more freedom to date outside of their family.

Many people do not realize that marriage does not have to end in divorce. If both parties are willing to work things out, it is possible to get married and divorce in a few years or less. It will take some effort on the part of the people involved and may require professional help to handle the divorce properly. A good divorce lawyer will help get the best results possible in the long run when handling a divorce within a marriage.

The trends in marriage and divorce rates in America over the last several years should make it very clear to any couple that even though the statistics show an overall decline in marriage and divorce rates, there is still hope. More couples are ending in divorce court every year than ever before. There are many reasons why the number of divorces is on the rise, but the most common reasons seem to be because of the economy. Now that the government has finally caught up with the economy and is helping with the housing market, this trend may subside in the near future.

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