Military Marriage Counseling – Common Issues and Concerns

Military marriage counseling can help couples struggling with infidelity find the way back together. The intention of any military marriage counseling is to combat the underlying problems, clear up misunderstandings, and restore intimacy and trust in the relationship. You can have a successful marriage even though one or both partners are deployed, but it doesn’t take sacrifice and an intense desire to learn how to communicate well while you’re away. Couples in military who are struggling with infidelity can benefit from outside help in creating an environment where communication is a priority.

When you join the military it’s common to find that there are a number of other couples struggling with similar problems. Many couples don’t seek counseling right away because they feel they don’t need it or there’s no need for it in their situation. However, most couples in military marriage counseling find that there’s a need for them to seek counseling when problems arise. If you and your spouse are having marital difficulties it’s important to seek counseling as soon as possible.

There are a number of unique stresses placed on military spouses because of deployment. The separation of an entire family can lead to a number of issues within the immediate family as well. Other issues can come from feeling of lack of control or power when it comes to affecting change within the military marriage counseling sessions. Some spouses go into these sessions feeling completely overwhelmed, disconnected from the outside world, and unable to deal with the stressors that life throws at them on a daily basis.

The need to seek help is something that all military members face. However, there are some unique added stresses that military members experience that make this a necessity. For instance, many members have immediate and extended family in their immediate home country that they become accustomed to and are completely familiar with. Often, when military members are deployed, these ties are severed and they are separated from extended family for quite awhile.

This change in routine and residence can cause many changes within families. The stress that causes separation from extended family can cause couples to place tremendous strains on relationships. Couples may not be able to take care of each other and may resort to bouts of depression. The military marriage counseling process can help to address these needs and help to re-establish connections with loved ones back home.

In addition to the unique pressures placed upon military couples by deployments, military marriage counseling can help address anxiety and depression. When a couple is experiencing prolonged periods of time apart from each other and continuous anxiety about leaving their loved ones behind, intimacy can be difficult to maintain. Intimacy can also cause mental health concerns and other mental health problems. Seeking help from a trained professional can help to alleviate these feelings of anxiety and depression. The trained counselor will evaluate each couple individually to determine the cause of the intimacy issues and help to develop a plan that addresses those needs.

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