Olive Branch MS – Can This Marriage Counseling Really Help?

For marriage counseling, the best resource is Olive Branch Bible Chapel. This is not a conventional “big” group setting. The idea behind it is to get straight into heart problems and real problems that are causing the marriage troubles in the first place. It is not a marriage workshop where they teach how to have good manners or “sexy” body language.

Marriage counseling can be done in the privacy of your own home if that is convenient for you and if it works for you. However, you may have to schedule some time at this type of setting on the weekend or even at odd hours. If you need confidentiality or privacy at this type of setting, you will need to speak with the pastor and get that kind of arrangement before beginning your marriage counseling. You should expect the pastor to ask you some tough questions and to get personal about what is really going on in your marriage. He is looking for the truth.

In addition to finding out why your marriage is failing, the pastor is there to help you work out an action plan to save your marriage. He can talk with both you and your spouse to help come up with some “do-it-yourself” solutions. He can also help with solutions that you and your spouse might find more helpful. Some examples include signing a separation agreement, getting a divorce, or saving your marriage by talking with a Christian therapist or counselor.

I have been through a lot of marriage crisis and separation anxiety and can tell you this: there is only one marriage failure and that failure must be dealt with. You need to face the reality that you cannot continue to live as you have. No one else can do it for you. You have to do it alone. However, don’t give up hope because Olive Branch Bible Chapel can help you.

Just like any other crisis situation, this crisis situation can also be dealt with the support of God. I know of many people who have continued to experience life changing events such as death in the family, a move, job change, etc. And they have all been able to receive marriage counseling from an amazingly effective source! Yes, Olive Branch MS has helped many couples come through these kinds of situations. So don’t lose hope!

Please don’t give up on saving your marriage! There are those who will help you if you have questions to ask. It’s just a matter of finding the right person for the right question. I wish you strength and success!