Portland Marriage Counseling Services

Many adults with adult ADHD experience a wide range of symptoms that can negatively affect their relationships. This is why it’s so important to seek the guidance of an experienced therapist who can help you and your spouse address some of these issues. The symptoms of adult ADHD can make many ordinary tasks seem like a chore. Here are just a few:

– ADHD may make listening to your spouse an exercise in frustration because you may not always catch what they are saying or simply lose interest in the conversation. However, realize that your spouse may have other alternative activities for activities going on in their busy lives. Ask them about how they like to hang out with friends, what they look forward to when they’re with their friends, what television shows they watch with their friends, what books they read, and what music they enjoy. It’s amazing how much variety there can be in their daily activities and how often these activities can overlap.

– Adult ADHD can wreak havoc on family dynamics that is already strained by other family issues. This is one reason that couples need marriage counseling even if they think that there aren’t any problems. If there isn’t a clear understanding of why one spouse has a problem and why another doesn’t, there will be a constant struggle between the two partners. Seeking professional help may be the easiest way to ensure that the couple can successfully move past these problems and create a strong relationship for the future.

– Adult ADHD is also believed by some to have contributed to the increased divorces in Western society. While many experts do not believe that ADHD is directly responsible for getting a divorce, it is believed that it can play a role in impeding meaningful communication between partners. Because communication is such an integral part of a successful marriage, Portland marriage counseling services can be helpful in this area. A trained counselor can help both partners to increase their speaking abilities and to become more involved in the conversation.

– Sometimes, problems within the couple’s own family can cause problems within their relationship. In these cases, the counseling service may refer the couple to a therapist or psychologist who can assist them in working through these problems. The therapist can help to put the two partners back on track to reestablish their bond. In some cases, the couple may even feel like going separate ways. However, if these problems are not dealt with sooner, the problems could grow into serious marital issues and possibly lead to divorce. Both partners need to take responsibility for solving these issues early on in the relationship so that future generations do not have to face the ramifications of broken families.

Choosing to work with Portland marriage counseling services is an excellent idea for couples who are having difficulty communicating, managing work and other responsibilities at home and who are struggling with emotional and physical side effects from prescription drugs. These services offer many benefits for both partners. Couples may feel better about themselves and begin to re-ignite their marital relationship.