Save My Marriage – Irene Pa’s Guide to Effective and Successful Marriage Counseling

The book, Save My Marriage Today: Resources and Techniques for Avoiding, Saving, and Reviving Your Marriage Today by Irene PA is written by Irene PA. She has been a marriage counselor for over twenty years. This is one of her first books to focus on how to handle a marriage crisis. As someone who has been in marriage counseling for many years, I can say that this book contains many useful tips and advice that can be very helpful for any couple. In fact, this book contains the same advice that my husband gave me many years ago when we were experiencing some tough times in our marriage.

This marriage advice is aimed at people of all ages. It is not for those infertile couples who are just beginning to have trouble conceiving or those couples who have been having problems for a long time. The advice in this book also applies for those couples who are just newlyweds or those who are having their third marriage. Because it is aimed at various age groups, it will surely be useful to those people of different age groups. This is why, Save My Marriage Today: Resources and Techniques for Avoiding, Saving, and Reviving Your Marriage Today can be considered as a good read for almost everybody.

The author of the Save My Marriage Today: Resources and Techniques for Avoiding, Saving, and Reviving Your Marriage Today, Irene PA, seems to be aware of the fact that human relationships do not end when the marriage ends. She acknowledges that there are still problems even after divorces are finalized. This is evident in the title of the book, as she includes the word “respite” in her title. In fact, the book has forty-some pages worth of content and includes chapters on practical problems in conceiving as well as in keeping your marriage alive and thriving. It also includes chapters on how to overcome infidelity and how to keep your emotions in check when faced with difficult people and situations.

The good thing about this book is that it addresses not just the problems in marriage but is also geared towards helping single people or divorced persons as well who wish to have better relationships and live better lives. The good part is that in the sections where Irene Pa gives tips on dealing with people as well as showing emotion, she does this while keeping the focus on marriage counseling. For instance, in the section showing how to deal with difficult people, she recommends first that you avoid any confrontations or trying to get revenge. However, if such methods fail, you should then think of ways on how you can make use of your anger in a positive way and not damage your marriage.

Furthermore, in the section showing the proper way of handling your emotions in order to create balance, you will find guidelines to take part in group counseling sessions, which may be helpful in treating the problem of depression as well as anxiety, especially in cases wherein you and your spouse are having arguments over something like child custody. There are also guidelines on how to overcome the problem of jealousy or other forms of emotional disturbance. Irene Pa gives clear and practical advice and suggestions. In the case of divorce, it is important to note that a good divorce lawyer would know how to handle any issues that may arise during the course of the divorce proceedings. These tips and guidelines on marriage counseling by Irene Pa will surely benefit those who want to effectively and efficiently solve their marital problems and conflicts.

However, before getting too deeply involved in any of the advice given in this marriage counseling manual, one must remember that even the best marriage counselor is only as good as the people around him or her. In other words, even great marriage counseling strategies will go useless if the members of the couple being counseled do not adhere to the strategies and treat the marriage counseling session as just another time for them to bond and spend some time with each other. The key here is to set aside time to discuss and work out issues with your spouse. In the end, the real work of saving marriages is having a committed and loving spouse who supports and loves you unconditionally.

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