Save Your Marriage by Amy Waterman – A Review

The website of Marriage Counseling Elmira NY includes a free 7-day course on “strengthening your marriage.” The course is taught by Amy Waterman, an award winning marriage coach and relationship therapist. Amy has been married and divorced four times and has over 25 years experience in marriage counseling. She knows what it’s like to be in a terrible marriage and she wants you to avoid being in that situation.

What is taught in the course? You will learn how to restore trust between you and your spouse. You will also receive the information needed to strengthen your relationship with your children and learn how to keep your marriage counseling courses affordable with your limited budget.

There is an abundance of marriage counseling programs and materials available for purchase on the Internet. However, it seems that only a few of them are effective. There are several good books available on this subject, but the overwhelming majority of them offer little in the way of help for couples in trouble. Some even advocate for divorce.

Amy Waterman’s marriage counseling course has received rave reviews from thousands of readers. “Your marriage can be just great – or it can be ruined by mistakes made in marriage counseling.” This is not an exaggeration. I’ve heard it so many times that it has really become a motto for me. I believe in the power of communication and keeping communication lines open between couples in order to keep things moving forward is very important.

Amy Waterman offers couples several ways to repair their relationships. She teaches couples how to understand each others needs and wants. Each marriage is different, and while some conflicts may arise, Amy’s course can help you work through any existing issues. It can also be used as a template for future discussions.

” Amy’s book provides great advice on communicating with each other, repairing relationship damage, and how to make your marriage a success. It will make an excellent reference resource for future professionals as well as individuals. This is a very helpful guide that can assist anyone who is involved in a relationship that is in crisis.” Mark Lesser, PhD, relationship psychologist

There are several other helpful sections of this book as well. There are a few chapters that explain the dynamics of marriage and what you can do to stop divorces. There are chapters on child raising and parenting that deal with the age difference issue. There are some sections that deal with money, which most people have neglected to address. However, the information is very practical and can be put into practice immediately.

While I agree with Amy Waterman’s assessment that marriage counseling is very important, I would like to take issue with her description of marriage counseling as a therapy. I believe that the term marriage counseling is far too broad a term to provide a true form of healing. The term marriage counseling should be used to provide information on how to repair the problems that are inherent within any marriage. If the marriage counselor is able to recognize the problems and provide advice on how to fix those problems, then that is something that can be considering therapy, but it cannot be considered a form of marriage counseling.

While I believe that Amy Waterman is correct in saying that a relationship psychologist can greatly benefit a couple in need of help, I believe that she is incorrect when she states that any couple facing difficulties in their marriage can use this book. This book does not offer advice on how to save a broken relationship nor does it offer advice on how to improve one’s relationship with their spouse. I believe that the book is meant for those who are already in a relationship and need help improving it. For those couples who are in a stable relationship, but need help sorting out their individual issues, I would recommend this book for your advice and guidance.

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