Saving Your Marriage From Divorce

Saving your marriage from divorce does not have to mean a hard sell. It simply means doing whatever it takes to keep the relationship alive. Marriage counseling is just like going to the dentist. If you feel fine, you go in each year for an examination. This is all important, since you do not want a serious problem sneaking up on you unexpectedly.

Saving your relationship from divorce means two things: communication and compromise. Marriage counseling may help you communicate better with your partner, especially regarding issues that are bothering your relationship. Compromise plays a key role as well. Compromising may be difficult but it is a key to saving your marriage. A partner who feels guilty about making compromises will never make compromises on his or her own accord.

Saving your relationship from divorce also means two things: patience and endurance. Marriage takes two people and it takes two tolls to keep a marriage intact. Patience and endurance are crucial if you are to save your marriage. This will take two of your efforts.

Emotional blackmail is when your spouse becomes emotionally close with another person. The idea is that this other person will use this closeness to get you to change your mind about your marriage. Although this can work, it usually ends up with your spouse feeling worse about themselves because they feel their spouse has used their emotional connection to get you to change your mind. Compromise and patience are necessary to keep this from happening.

Saving your relationship from divorce also means having a desire to understand why your spouse has been acting the way that he or she has. Without going into specifics, you will likely find that your partner has become upset because something has happened in his or her life that has caused them to behave in a certain way. Once you understand this, you can start working to fix the problems and bring your partner back to being the loving, devoted spouse that he or she has been.

The most effective method for saving your marriage from divorce is to work on your weaknesses, and your partner’s weaknesses. Your partner probably feels some guilt or shame over their behavior and that can be your first step towards changing your relationship. Ask him or her to do something nice for you – a grocery trip, a nice meal, a gift – without any strings attached. Then ask them how they feel about doing such a thing. If your partner responds with anger instead of affection, then it is time to end the relationship and move onto someone who will show your partner compassion and kindness.

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