Scotts Bluff Nebel Nehemiah – An Overview

The author of this book, Scottsbluff Nehemiah, PhD explains how the biblical scriptures can apply to today’s married couples. This book has been used in over 150 countries around the globe as a reference guide for marriage and divorce, and has been used as an introduction to Biblical marriage counseling. The author’s research is based on her doctoral work, which examines the ways that ancient cultures understood marriage and divorce and the role religion played in that understanding. She uses the Bible and ancient cultures around the world to explain how these two concepts are still relevant today. She provides information and resources on the biblical understanding of sex and divorce as well as the societal views and pressures on married couples.

The book begins by providing brief introductions on marriage counseling topics. It then delves into the biblical perspectives on such topics as divorce, the use of corporal punishment, spiritual adultery and premarital sex. The book concludes with a helpful index and bibliography. Scottsbluff Nehemiah provides several examples and case studies on biblical marriage counseling topics. The book contains several worksheets and several appendices that offer further study on the biblical topics.

Scottsbluff Nehemiah is a very good resource for anyone who wants to know more about the biblical perspectives on various issues. She provides examples from cultures around the world to illustrate different Biblical perspectives on such issues. It is very interesting to read how different cultures and individuals viewed and treated the divorced as well as the married woman. Being married or having a divorced spouse can present unique challenges for women, men and children. Through this text, one can learn how to deal with these issues through biblical counsel and as a means of walking in God’s direction.

Within the book, Nehemiah provides a short biblical explanation for why pre-marital sex should be avoided. She also teaches that true love begins in marriage. Being married helps a woman to understand her needs and wants better than if she was single. She is also taught ways to develop true intimacy within the marriage and how to create a loving relationship that will be able to withstand the normal stresses of family life.

There is also information included in this text that deals with the way pre marriage counseling topics should be handled by both the man and the woman. The woman is encouraged to use biblical guidance to help her husband become a more self-aware person. This can be achieved through counseling. She can also ask questions of her husband to gain understanding of his thoughts and feelings regarding issues of marriage. The couple may decide to work on these issues together.

The last four chapters of Scottsbluff Nehemiah include a glossary of biblical terms and other helpful information regarding pre marriage counseling topics. This book is definitely a good read for anyone who wants to learn more about the subject. The author’s expertise as a marriage counselor and her clear writing style make this text a very useful resource for any professional who deals with such cases on a daily basis. The reader will benefit from the information given in this text and will be able to apply it to their own situations. People who are considering divorces should definitely purchase this book.