“The Art of Making Up” By Karen Scruggs

There’s a new book in town, and it’s called Marriage Counseling Aiken sc: A Comprehensive Guide to Relationship Therapy. Authors Lisa Nichols and Rachel Oakes take the reader on a journey of self-discovery as they unpack the mysteries that surround relationships. Relationship problems can result from past hurts, or perhaps from not knowing how to express yourselves in loving ways. This book covers all the bases and provides advice on how to repair a broken relationship.

As a relationship counselor, I often ask myself what is the one thing clients most need help with? Is it communication? Or is it fear of abandonment? The answers to these questions often lead to other issues. After all, one of the most common complaints clients have about their marriages is that they are not talking to each other. This book covers communication, as well as the art of getting to know your spouse on a deeper level: even if they don’t talk to you.

At the heart of this book is the idea that communication is at the root of all of the problems we have with our relationships. It begins with an explanation of how the “gipher of conversation” is distorted by cultural norms. Then it walks us through how the distorted language we use has created barriers that stand in the way of connecting with our partners. This is a very helpful concept: one of the reasons relationships fail is the fear that we will lose them. Marriage counseling helps couples overcome these fears and allows communication to become a natural part of married life.

Once you understand this concept, it becomes very easy to apply it to your own marriage. Instead of trying to solve your own relationship problems, marriage counseling can be used to strengthen your partner’s ability to connect with you on a deeper level. The same holds true when your family reacts negatively to your marriage. By helping your loved ones understand the value of a good marriage, you can help them see how vital it is to strengthen the ties between the two of you.

The book ends with a short, three-part protocol for marriage counseling. These are intended to be used as a guidebook for couples who are having trouble working through their problems. Part one lays out the basic information you need to know about marriage counseling and the concepts that underlie it; such as the difference between conflict and friction, how to create an environment of healthy negotiation, and how to make the most of your unique qualities. Part two will teach you how to deal with the emotional issues that inevitably crop up when two people are close.

If you have already read this book, you should know that Aiken Scruggs offers couples a lot more than just practical advice. She teaches readers how to develop a system for addressing the conflicts that come up in any relationship. There is no “one size fits all” approach with this book: every couple is different and the solutions offered by Aiken SCruggs are tailored to each couple’s needs. She shows couples the psychological aspects of marriage that may have been hidden and taught incorrectly, showing how this information can enrich a relationship in unexpected ways. For anyone looking for an extremely detailed look at a complicated topic, Aiken Scruggs “The Art of Making Up” offers great insight and recommendations.

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