The Benefits of Marriage Counseling at the Grapevine

If you are looking for marriage counseling in Lafayette, La., there are a number of qualified professionals who offer their services. Two of the most popular marriage counselors in town can be found at The Grapevine Family Therapy Center and Family Therapy Institute. Dr. Richard F. Macko is a psychiatrist who has been married for 30 years and has two children. He has established relationships with both the husband and wife, and remains committed to helping couples through their troubled times. Dr. Macko’s services are very cost effective, as he charges clients only for the time he devotes to them, regardless of the outcome.

In the first year of his marriage, Richard saw an enormous improvement in the way his wife communicated with him. He could tell from the way her thoughts and words were coming through that something was amiss. After an honest discussion with her, he decided to go to a marriage counselor. Through daily counseling sessions, he discovered what might have been hidden in their relationship for over ten years, and how they could build a stronger, deeper, and more loving relationship for the future. The Grapevine Family Therapy Center, located in the heart outta city, offers several different types of marriage counseling. One of which is referred to as spouse therapy and is designed to help married couples deal with problems that are commonly associated when getting married.

Richard and Mary had heard about the marriage counseling program of Dr. Roger P. Davis, before they entered Dr. Macko’s office. The Grapevine Family Therapy Center is not as well known as the other facilities in town, and many people do not realize that is a part of the Ft. Lauderdale marriage counseling program. The second marriage counseling session that Dr. Macko facilitated included the third in a series of seminars designed to teach family relationship experts, and therapists how to best assist couples through difficult times. This was a particularly helpful part of the seminar as it allowed Richard and Mary to discuss their personal relationship, and how their individual perceptions and thoughts about each other were contributing to the problems they were having. They learned that although both of them had similar concerns regarding their marriage, they also differed on some key elements, which contributed to the poor bond they felt.

Dr. Macko developed the third session of his series of seminars at the Grapevine Family Therapy Center to include the issues that Richard and Mary had not been able to resolve due to their differences in opinion. During this time, he asked them to imagine how they would feel if they had a loved one suffering from a serious disease and to envision how this disease affected the person, and their loved oneif they were not able to seek treatment. When they completed their imagined experience, they were then asked to write about how they felt about the situation. The seminars were facilitated by Dr. Roger P. Davis, who is a widely recognized Christian therapist. The goal of the Grapevine marriage counseling part 2 was to offer Dr. Davis additional resources for those in need of both Christian and family therapy information.

The Grapevine marriage counseling part 2 group met on a weekly basis until the couple’s marriage problems were resolved. The focus of the program was to have the married woman and her spouse work as a team while learning how to respectfully communicate with each other in order to build healthy conflict resolution skills. There was also an emphasis on family dynamics, and how a family should deal with the normal stresses that come with living together. There was also an emphasis on reaching out to the other member of the couple, encouraging communication, and being a supportive partner. It was apparent that both women had greatly improved since their first meeting. Unfortunately, both of them were still not happy with their marriages, and it was evident that the road to reconciliation was far from clear.

There are many benefits of attending a Grapevine marriage counseling session, ranging from the encouragement of a supportive partner to an improved mental state of mind and body. There is no cost, and the initial consultation can be done for as little as $50. In addition to the practical steps that are included in the family therapy workshop, there is also the opportunity for a relationship coach who will help the couple to develop a more proactive approach to solving their marital problems.

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