The Core Values of a Healthy Marriage

The importance of having a healthy marriage has become more evident with the increasing divorce rates in different countries. Most of the couples are living in a marriage which is not healthy and needs urgent attention if they want to save their marriages and keep the relationship alive. So what are the signs of a healthy marriage?

Healthy Communication With a clear understanding of each other, successful marriage bonds are built easily. Effective Conflict Resolution People who have established healthy relationships can resolve conflict effectively without causing any damage. The level of communication in a couple plays an important role in the success of the relationship. A good marriage requires healthy communication. For couples who communicate well together, their relationship gets stronger due to the mutual understanding.

Intimacy A healthy marriage makes time together enjoyable. It gives you time to spend with your loved one and enables you to build intimacy. Intimacy in a marriage depends on how much you enjoy being with your partner and how you find time to share intimate moments with your partner. Some couples do not have time to make time together; however, it is important to maintain the quality of intimacy in a relationship so that it will last.

Respect and Empathy Most people want to be respected by their spouse and the way you respect your spouse reflects on your relationship with your spouse. Most importantly if you show your spouse respect, then he or she will also respect you. When you have a healthy marriage, both of you feel valued, nurtured, respected and attractive. If your relationship does not have this quality in it, then it will lead to the downfall of the relationship. Your relationship with your spouse will deteriorate over time and that will create negative impacts like a marriage which is breaking down.

Mutual Bargains Negotiation is one of the most effective ways of having a healthy marriage. Both parties can come up with a compromise to reach an agreement on how things should be dealt with the future of the relationship. It is essential that both parties stick to the agreement made because once one partner backs out, the other partner will have to face the consequences. Therefore, mutual bargaining is vital for a successful marriage.

Respect, affection, sharing, compassion, sharing and communication are all the core values that go into creating a happy relationship. If these core values are present in your relationship, then the chances of your marriage being healthy and happy are high. When these core values are not present in your relationship, then you will see unhealthy behaviors from your spouse may try to harm your relationship. You need to be conscious about your relationship so that you can prevent this from happening.