The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Therapy

Recently I heard from an acquaintance who had heard from the local chaplain that he thought Jerry and Beth had a great marriage. He’d heard from one of their church members who’d also heard the same thing. The question I asked him was, “Did you ever hear of Jerry and Beth marriage counseling?” He said he hadn’t; he’d just seen their names on a web site.

Then I asked him why he thought they were such a good marriage. He responded by telling me that they’d been married thirty-some years when he came around and started hanging with Morty Beethoven (one of Beethoven’s younger siblings). The whole family was very musical and Jerry and Beth were always having fun. Morty became known as the “Rajah of Rock” because he was always talking about his “rock piano” and how great he was and how he’d gotten it for free from Beethoven.

Jerry and Beth are members of a Lutheran family that practices what is known as morty marriage counseling. This is a form of Christian family therapy that works to strengthen the family relationship by encouraging communication and by working on areas that can lead to a better marriage or relationship. Morty Beethoven, a family therapist, worked with the family of the late jazz singer and composer Henry Mancini. In fact, Jerry and Beth were some of the first people to introduce him to Mortimer Beethoven. This was back in 1940, long before he was popular.

It turns out that Jerry and Beth were also some of the first in their family to practice morty marriage counseling. Morty Beethoven worked with the family to make sure that the marriage wasn’t based on lust and that there was more to it than meets the eye. Jerry and Beth, with their work with Mortimer, developed a system for working with the different family dynamics that occur within any given marriage. It is this work that has been used by families for hundreds of years to help strengthen their relationship and to create an atmosphere where communication is healthy and normal.

Mortimer and Beethoven’s work as described above is very similar to what many couples experience today when they are trying to create a home based business and to work together for the greater good of the family. Mortimer and Beethoven’s emphasis on being a spiritually guided couple helped them overcome arguments and conflicts. This is important regardless of whether you are married or not. If you have unresolved issues from the beginning, the chances are good that those issues will be resurfaced again throughout your marriage. That’s why keeping some kind of regular counseling on your marriage will do wonders for keeping it strong and free of resentment and fights.

You can find a trained and qualified licensed marriage and family therapist in your area by searching online. Be sure to find someone who has experience and knowledge about your particular family dynamics so that you get the best results. This is an ongoing process and it should be done exclusively by licensed professionals in order to get it right the first time. After all, you and your spouse are relying on them to enhance and support your family relationship.