Thriveworks Marriage Counseling in Cedar Rapids, IA

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If you’re looking for a good relationship therapist in Cedar Rapids, IA, consider Thriveworks. These counselors specialize in addressing issues in relationships and can help you and your partner strengthen your bond. They work with a variety of couples, and will ask you about your past, your concerns, and what you hope for the future. They will also give you a personalized treatment plan. You’ll be able to get a thorough assessment of your relationship with an expert therapist in Cedar Rapids.

Randall R. Lyle

Randall R. Lyle is a certified marriage counselor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, and depression. He is also an approved supervisor of counselors with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He practices in Cedar Rapids and provides counseling in a variety of settings. If you have been struggling with marital problems, you should contact Randall R. Lyle to find out more about his services.

Diana Gage

If your relationship is suffering from anger or resentment, you may want to seek professional help. A marriage and family therapist, like Diana Gage of Cedar Rapids, Indiana, can help you build a new foundation. Many people wait until they reach the point of resentment and anger before they seek help. At that point, they are usually afraid to make a change, and are desperate to hold on to what they have.