Tips For Reaching Your Goals Withpeka Ksieng In Marriage Counseling

The premise of the story I am telling you today is about two young lovers, Jake and Sarah, who have been married for ten years. When Jake calls Sarah at work early in the morning to ask her if she would like to go out to dinner, she is reluctant. She thinks that it is only polite to let one’s partner know that she is working. But Jake is adamant that this is necessary, because he needs the advice of a trained marriage counselor, The counselor arrives in only moments, but has trouble getting through Sarah’s reluctance to see him.

Jake tells her that he wants to talk to her alone in the car, and Sarah agrees. While they are talking, The marriage counselor begins to share his story of how he and his spouse fought. He had moved into a new home with a brand new wife and three children. He had always made sure that Sarah gave him plenty of space, but that had changed. He began to take advantage of Sarah, spending more time with her and doing things that were not necessary, just to get her attention.

The marriage counselor continued his story, telling how he used to come home from work so exhausted that he did not feel like getting out of bed. After working all day, he would drag himself to the den where he would eat some fast food and sit on the couch until Sarah and the children were asleep. When he went to the kitchen to eat, he would be greeted with, “What happened?” by Sarah.

The marriage counselor asked the couple what their problem was, and they replied, “We don’t talk.” They realized that they needed marriage counseling. Jake was tired of living in an unhappy marriage, and Sarah was tired of feeling like the perpetual victim in the marriage. Both felt that counseling was the answer. The marriage counselor talked in depth about how the couple needed to get serious about their goals for the relationship, and how they needed to spend more time and focus on those goals.

The marriage counselor shared with the couple some information about marriage that they had not discussed. He explained that when a couple is married for several years, the memories of the good times tend to fade. It is important to re-introduce old friends into the picture when you are trying to rebuild a marriage. A marriage counselor can also help you create a new life for yourselves that you had previously been too busy to create. He gave the couple a new life, they could call their own. The couple talked about how they felt after the marriage counseling session, and what they discovered about each other.

The two were very thankful that they got marriage counseling before their marriage deteriorated. They realized that they had to get serious about renewing their relationship if they ever hoped to save it. The marriage counselor’s advice was invaluable. They recognized that they needed help to make their marriage work.

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