Two Things That Make a Happy Marriage

It seems like almost everybody has their own happy marriage quote. Some say, “happiest among all of the human achievements is being loved.” Another favorite one is, “Falling in love is easy; staying in love is hard.” One thing you can do if you really want to have the type of happy marriage that brings you happiness for years to come is to practice “keeping up the fire.” Unfortunately, in our country today, the rate of divorce has reached an all time high. Divorce is no longer seen as a happy and loving thing.

In our society today people seem to be more upset about the “failure” of a relationship than they are about the actual relationship itself. We have become a society that looks at marriages as either a short term romantic venture or even a lifelong commitment. The first type of marriage is usually the easiest of the lot. The second type of marriage is the most difficult of any two people could have. While we have become a less tolerant and a more impatient society, happy marriages have become rare.

Two people that are in a happy marriage will always be happy. If you are in a happy marriage you will always do things for your partner, you will always try to please them and you will always respect their desires. You two will also have fun together and share in each other’s hobbies and interests. A happy marriage is made on a foundation of love and respect. It is built on a foundation of trust and understanding.

A happy marriage means you share in your partner’s happiness. People in long-term marriages tend to become unhappy if there are things that they don’t like about their spouse. In order to make a long term relationship work the level of respect between the two partners has to be paramount. Many marriages have failed because the individuals involved do not understand each other’s needs. Without a healthy marriage you are likely to experience marital problems.

A happy marriage has an underlying stability. If you find yourselves in a steady relationship then you have found one that works. A good and stable couple will always have good communication with each other and they will never feel neglected by their partner. One way to tell if your partner feels neglected is if they cry a lot, particularly after being hurt or if they constantly ask “why me?” A healthy marriage will have an underlying stability.

A happy marriage is based on two things. One is the foundation of trust and understanding and the other is the sharing of ideas, responsibilities and joy. A happy marriage will have a smooth transition into the future and will be less likely to fracture when either partner decides they want out of the relationship. The foundation of trust and understanding can be built up over time and can last for the lifetime of a relationship. The sharing of ideas, responsibilities and joy is what makes a relationship a success.

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