What is Kaiser Permanente Marriage Counseling?

Kaiser permanente marriage therapy in California is an innovative and highly successful marriage and family counseling method of incorporating two people into one emotional and physical relationship. In northern California there exists a yin and yang, yin-yang balance, which are brought about by the office of the female partner reinforcing traditional gender roles, while the man strengthens his own sense of self worth through verbal activity, role-playing, and interaction. This yin-yang balance brings the two partners closer together in a deeper and more meaningful way than in the past. In the center of this process sits the couple and their strong inner voice that each knows bring them both strength and happiness, which are expressed through the depth of their interactions, and their ability to reach a deeper level of intimacy.

This is the basis of Kaiser permanente marriage counseling. The couple is encouraged to express their strong emotions in a non-judgmental, supportive way so the counselor can assist them to get beyond their problems. When the couple is willing to work at resolving the relationship issues, then a stronger bond can be built. Over time, this leads to a successful and happy marriage.

Kaiser has many resources available for couples experiencing marital problems. One of those resources is the Pre-adian program. This program focuses on the emotional aspects of marriage and how to deal with those aspects. Once a couple realizes the negative emotions they are having, they can begin working to manage those emotions. It takes work and patience, but it is well worth the effort when you consider the benefits.

Another resource available for the couples experiencing issues in their marriage is the Marriage Rescue program. They have developed programs that are geared to both partners. The programs are geared towards helping the couples find a solution to the problems in the relationship. Because each person in the relationship is unique and different, it takes some time to figure out what has been going wrong, but once the problem is identified, it is very easy to repair.

Kaiser also provides support after the marriage troubles. The counselling and support offered to the couple after the marriage is completed, helps them rekindle their romance and get started on a new relationship. In addition, Kaiser offers education and information on creating a good relationship. You will learn about conflict resolution skills, how to make compromises, and how to keep conflicts from escalating. All of this information allows you to make better decisions for your family.

If you are in a situation where you feel that you and your spouse are no longer communicating or are fighting a lot, then it is best to seek professional help. Whether you choose to go through an in-home therapist or take advantage of the services offered by Kaiser Permanente Marriage Counselling Centre, you will be able to get some necessary guidance and counseling that can improve your marriage. This service is provided free of charge by Kaiser Permanente.