Authentic-Life Counselings – Marriage Counseling in Duluth, Georgia

marriage counseling duluth ga

If you’re in Duluth, Georgia and in need of marriage counseling, you’ve come to the right place. Zencare has marriage and family therapists who are available for free consultations, accept insurance, and are experienced treating couples and families. The website offers videos introducing each therapist so you can learn more about them before you make an appointment.

Authentic-Life Counseling

Authentic-Life Counseling specializes in relationship therapy. They work with individuals, couples, and families to improve their relationships. The therapists use a variety of therapeutic methods to address various issues. These include solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and mindfulness.


If you’re looking for counseling services in Duluth, Georgia, Authentic-Life Counselings can help you. Their offices serve the communities of Duluth, Johns Creek, Buford, and Sugar Hill. The therapists are available on a sliding scale and offer low-cost services.

Authentic-Life Therapy

The use of Authentic-Life Therapy in marriage counseling can help couples reconnect and build trust. Each couple’s experience is different – some are repairing trust after an affair, others are dealing with a narcissistic or abusive partner. Whatever the cause, marriage counseling can help identify the root causes of conflict and help couples make changes that will make their relationship better.

The first step to restoring trust in a relationship is to identify the underlying causes of the problem. A relationship problem is often the result of an imbalanced relationship. The two people involved may not even realize that they have an imbalanced relationship. In this case, couples can work together to identify the root cause of their relationship problems and develop strategies to resolve them.

This approach focuses on the emotional needs of the partner, rather than the physical needs of the partner. This helps both parties communicate more effectively and build trust. It also encourages personal accountability in couples. The goal of relationship therapy is to help couples make better decisions together and build closer connections. Relational life therapy may be particularly effective in helping people who are experiencing a difficult relationship.

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