How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost? Can It Save Your Relationship? Is It Worth It? All Your Couples Counseling and Therapy Costs Questions Answered! Marriage Counseling Cost

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For couples wishing to improve communication, enhance intimacy, and better understand each other, therapy may be the first step, but how much does couples therapy cost?

Many people may be discouraged by the perceived cost of marriage counseling. Fortunately, there are numerous affordable options for  therapy.

In this article, we explore the financial costs of couples therapy and alternative options for those looking to strengthen their relationship.

Key Takeaways for Couples Considering Counseling or Therapy

  • Online couples therapy offers convenience and flexibility, allowing sessions to be conducted from the comfort of home.

  • Services like BetterHelp can provide affordable couples counseling services with licensed therapists specializing in relationship issues.

  • The cost of couple therapy can vary depending on factors such as session frequency and therapist specialization.

  • Public health clinics and government agencies may offer more affordable options for couples therapy, but availability may vary.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps couples improve their relationship by addressing recurring conflicts, feelings of disconnection, and other issues. It can be sought to rebuild relationships that are experiencing difficulties. A licensed professional, such as Brian Mueller, PhD, a psychologist at Columbia University Medical Center, specializes in couples therapy.

Types of couples therapy include emotionally focused therapy (EFT), the Gottman method, Ellen Wachtel’s approach, psychodynamic couples therapy, and behavioral therapy. Therapists use an integrated approach, creating a sense of safety and helping couples to express their feelings.

Many couples want to know how much couples counseling therapy will cost. The cost of couples counseling can vary depending on location, experience level of the couples counselor, and other factors, however, it typically costs between $100-200 per hour. In addition, many couples counselors offer sliding scale rates based on household income. Insurance companies usually only cover couples counseling if it is deemed a medical necessity.

Couples counseling can help prevent the need for a messy and expensive divorce, as well as strengthen relationships in unforeseen ways.

Who Should Go to Couples Therapy or Couples Counseling?

For couples who are struggling to maintain their relationship, couples therapy or counseling can help them to understand and resolve their issues. Couples counseling is beneficial for any couple looking to improve their connection and communication, regardless of the stage of the relationship. It is important to note, however, that couples counseling is not a guarantee that the relationship will be successful or that a divorce will be avoided. Couples counseling can provide tools and techniques to help build intimacy and connection, address unresolved conflicts, and improve communication.

The cost of couples counseling can vary depending on many factors such as location, experience level of the therapist, type of counseling, and length of the session. Many couples counselors offer sliding scale fees based on household income or family size, which can help make counseling more affordable. Insurance companies generally do not cover couples counseling, and most couples are required to pay out of pocket. However, couples can research local government agencies or public health clinics that may offer low-cost or free mental health services.

The Average Financial Cost of Counseling

The financial costs of couples therapy can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors, such as the location, experience level of the therapist, and type of counseling offered. Couples therapy typically costs between $100-200 per hour, with most marriage counselors offering 90-minute sessions that cost between $150 and $300.

It is recommended to attend at least 3 months of consistent couples therapy, which would amount to an average cost of $2,400 to $4,800 for 12 weeks. The cost of couples counseling can also be influenced by whether or not the therapist accepts insurance. Insurance policies vary in their coverage of mental health services and couples counseling, so couples should inquire about the therapist’s acceptance of their specific insurance plan.

Additionally, many couples counselors offer sliding scale rates based on household income or family size. This can help make counseling more affordable for some couples. While there are costs associated with couples therapy, the value and benefits that come from the process, such as improved communication, enhanced intimacy, and personal growth, can more than make up for the average cost.

The Costs of NOT Going to Therapy or Counseling

Despite the financial costs of couples therapy, not investing in counseling can have far-reaching effects on relationships and mental health. Unresolved issues can cause lasting emotional wounds, while generational trauma can be passed down through families. Negative relationship dynamics can also lead to physical health problems.

Divorce can be a costly alternative to couples therapy, but can also have a long-term impact on mental and emotional health, especially for children. Couples therapy offers a chance to heal, communicate, and improve relationship satisfaction. It can also contribute to a passionate and satisfying sex life.

Couples counseling provides various options for couples to seek support, including in-person and virtual sessions, free relationship skill-building workshops, and more. Investing in couples work can be beneficial in the long run and ultimately help couples strengthen their bond. Marriage counselors have the expertise to offer couples therapy and help them navigate their relationship in a healthy way.

Couples should research and understand the going rates for marriage counseling in their area and consider the budget and non-monetary costs and benefits of couples therapy.

When The Therapy Cost Isn’t Worth It for a Couple

Though it can be beneficial in many cases, couples therapy may not be worth it in certain scenarios.

Couples therapy is often not suitable for individuals with severe mental illness, couples with irreconcilable values, and couples where one partner is unwilling to change. External factors such as wars or pandemics can also make couples therapy ineffective.

In addition, couples therapy may be a waste of time and money if there are irreconcilable non-negotiable points or a lack of safety in the relationship. Contempt and secrets can also hinder the effectiveness of therapy.

When choosing therapy, it is important to consider the various factors that can make couples therapy less effective. A qualified counselor is the best person to assess the situation and decide how often couples should attend sessions.

If couples therapy is not worth it, then alternative options should be explored.

How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost with Insurance?

Although marriage counseling costs can be expensive, insurance can help to reduce the counseling costs. Insurance policies do vary in their coverage of mental health services and couples counseling, so the answer is it depends on your insurance. That’s why it is important to research insurance coverage options before seeking out a marriage counselor, to ensure you understand all the couples therapy costs and how much your insurance will cover. and Therapy Psychiatry both provide resources for insurance coverage. It is recommended to visit the insurance company’s website and look for the “menu toggle” to find information on insurance coverage and which marriage counselor they cover. Some insurance plans would cover a portion of the cost, while others would cover the full cost. It is also important to ensure that the marriage counselor is in-network and that they are licensed.

It is also important to ask the therapist if they accept insurance and if they are willing to submit paperwork for reimbursement. Generally, insurance does not cover the full cost of couples therapy, but it can help to reduce the cost of treatment.

How To Choose a Marriage Therapist

When selecting a couples therapist, it is important to consider the therapist’s experience, mental health qualifications, and clinically-reviewed specialties. Factors such as location, experience level, type of counselor, and other factors do influence the cost of therapy.

When researching potential therapists, couples should make sure they are licensed in their state and have mental health specific training and supervised experience in therapy. Popular approaches such as the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), PACT, the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Discernment Counseling, and IBCT or LMFT should be considered, even if seeking out online couples counseling.

Additionally, couples should inquire about sliding scale fees for those who qualify and insurance coverage for those who may need it. It is often beneficial to ask about the structure of sessions, length of sessions, assessment process, end of treatment, and follow-up.

Lastly, remember that therapy is a collaborative process and your therapist should align with your goals and values. Committing to at least eight to ten sessions before evaluating whether therapy is working can lead to long-term improvements.

What To Expect from Therapy or Counseling


Couples counseling can provide a supportive session to address relationship or mental health issues and help couples achieve their relationship goals. It can be beneficial for couples at any stage of their relationship, including those facing difficulties, as well as those looking to enhance their current bond.

Through couples counseling, couples can learn effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, as well as increase their understanding of one another. Additionally, couples counseling can increase intimacy and connection, while providing tools to facilitate personal growth and improved mental health.

Expectations for each couples counseling session may vary depending on the particular needs of the couple. The therapist should provide a safe and non-judgmental setting for the couple to express their feelings and explore their issues. The sessions should provide guidance and support, as well as help in creating achievable goals. The therapist should also be willing to adjust their approach as often as needed to meet the couple’s needs.

It is important to keep in mind that couples counseling is not a quick fix. It requires much commitment and effort from both partners. It is also important to be aware that the therapist cannot guarantee any particular outcome, especially if either partner has unaddressed mental health issues. However, with the right therapeutic tools and strategies, couples can work together to strengthen their relationship and build a healthier future.

Can Couples Counseling Save My Relationship?

By utilizing couples counseling, relationships can be saved and strengthened. The goal of couples counseling is to help individuals better understand their partner, improve communication, and increase their overall satisfaction with the relationship. Couples counseling can be beneficial for couples at any stage of their relationship, and provides a safe space to explore and work through relationship challenges. It can help address issues such as communication, intimacy, and unresolved conflicts, and can help prevent relationship deterioration and enhance overall satisfaction.

Research has shown that couples counseling can be an effective way of saving a relationship. Studies have found that couples therapy can lead to improved communication, better understanding between partners, and enhanced intimacy and connection. In addition, couples counseling can provide tools and techniques to help couples resolve conflicts and arguments, as well as personal growth and self-awareness within the relationship.

Couples counseling should be considered if a relationship is experiencing communication issues, conflict, or dissatisfaction. It is important to note that couples counseling cannot definitively prevent a divorce or breakup, and success of therapy may vary depending on the severity of relationship problems. Couples counseling requires equal investment and willingness from both partners, and some couples may avoid seeking professional help due to discomfort or fear of opening up.

However, couples counseling can be a valuable tool to help save and strengthen a relationship.

When Should Couples Get Counseling?

Any couple looking to improve their relationship can benefit from couples counseling. Couples counseling can help address a variety of issues such as communication, intimacy, and unresolved conflicts. It can be beneficial for couples at any stage of their relationship, providing a safe space to explore and work through relationship challenges.

Here are 4 key benefits of couples counseling:

  1. Helps determine whether couples should stay together or split up.

  1. Assists in navigating the separation process if chosen.

  1. Establishes a healthy co-parenting relationship.

  1. Provides closure and understanding of the reasons for the relationship’s end.

Couples counseling can prevent the need for a messy and expensive divorce, and even for unmarried couples, counseling can strengthen the relationship in unforeseen ways. It offers the potential to resolve relationship problems that may seem insurmountable.

Couples counseling can make a significant difference in the survival and thriving of a relationship. Avoiding counseling may mean missing out on opportunities for growth and increased intimacy.

How Long Does Couples Therapy or Counseling Last?

For most couples, the average time in therapy can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, but that can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the issues being addressed. During this time, the couple will be able to work through their relationship issues under the guidance of a qualified therapist. The therapist will be able to provide helpful strategies and tools to help the couple resolve their issues. The therapist can also provide insight and perspective, helping the couple to gain clarity and understanding of their relationship.

The length of couples therapy will depend on the individual needs of the couple. Some couples may be able to resolve their issues in a few sessions, while others may need several months of counseling. The therapist will work with the couple to determine the length of the sessions and the frequency of visits. Generally, the couple will meet with the therapist once a week for a few hours.

Couples therapy can be a valuable tool for those seeking to improve their relationship. It can help couples to address and resolve conflicts, improve communication, and foster a deeper connection. The ultimate goal of couples counseling is to provide a safe space for couples to explore their issues and to develop healthier ways of interacting. With the right guidance, couples therapy can help couples to strengthen their relationship and build a more fulfilling life.

Can Couples Therapy Help After an Affair?

Couples therapy can be highly effective in helping couples to heal and recover from the effects of an affair. Whether it is marriage or infidelity counseling, couples can benefit from seeking professional help to repair the relationship. Therapists provide unbiased advice and specialize in dealing with the pain and grief associated with an affair. With commitment and dedication, couples can use the tools and guidance provided by counselors to re-establish trust and restore intimacy.

Benefits of couples therapy include uncovering the reasons behind the affair, addressing any underlying traumas, and dealing with the impact of the affair on children. It can also assist in developing a plan to move forward, providing insight into behaviors and actions, and strengthening the relationship. Couples who attend counseling have a reduced risk of psychological trauma and the same level of happiness and stability as couples who never had an affair.

Benefits Considerations Factors
Uncovering the reasons behind the affair Seeking professional help immediately Location
Addressing any underlying traumas Commitment to counseling Experience level
Dealing with the impact on children Finding a specialized therapist Insurance coverage
Developing a plan to move forward Owning up to mistakes Sliding scale fees
Providing insight into behaviors Commitment to each other Cost

Can Couples Therapy Work If Only One Person Wants To Save The Marriage?

One partner’s willingness to change can have a significant impact on the progress of couples therapy if only one person is committed to saving the marriage. Individuals seeking counseling can gain valuable insight on how to communicate their feelings effectively and set boundaries in the relationship. Through therapy, they can learn to take an active role in the marriage and promote personal growth. It is also an opportunity to understand what a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship looks like.

Furthermore, individual efforts can be motivating to the other partner and can lead to positive change in the family dynamic. Demonstrating personal growth and engagement may encourage the partner to join in therapy. Even if the partner refuses to attend, therapy can still be beneficial as it offers a safe space for the individual to reflect and work through relationship issues. It also allows for closure and understanding of the reasons for the relationship’s end.

Ultimately, therapy can provide a platform to discuss challenging topics with your spouse and gain a better understanding of the marriage. It also offers the potential to resolve relationship problems and instill positive changes that can benefit the entire family. Even if the marriage is not saved, the process of therapy can bring peace of mind and personal growth for the individual.

Is Marriage Counseling in Austin TX Worth the Cost?

Considering the emotional toll that strained relationships can take, many individuals wonder if marriage counseling austin tx is worth the cost. Experts believe that seeking professional support can greatly improve the dynamics between couples facing issues. By addressing underlying problems, marriage counseling Austin TX offers a chance to rebuild trust, enhance communication, and find long-term happiness together.

Alternatives To In-Person Therapy – Mental Health Improvement, Online Sessions with a Licensed Counselor, Date Night Session

Navigating challenging relationship issues without professional help can be difficult, but there are alternatives to couples therapy that can help strengthen relationships. Couples can prioritize their marriage, plan regular date nights, read relationship books together, practice effective communication, and focus on the positives. Additionally, taking vacations together and exploring new activities can also help improve relationship satisfaction and intimacy.

These alternatives may not be as effective as couples therapy, but they can provide insight and help couples learn more about themselves and each other. Establishing a routine of self-care and communication can be beneficial in fostering a healthy relationship. By making an effort to connect with your partner, couples can find alternative solutions to their relationship issues.

Conclusion – Counseling Costs Couples, But It’s An Investment, Not an Expense

Couples therapy can provide immense benefits for couples looking to overcome challenges or improve their relationship.

The cost of couples counseling varies, but there are numerous affordable options available, such as public health clinics, sliding scale fees, online platforms, and insurance coverage.

Ultimately, couples therapy can be an invaluable tool for couples, with recent studies showing that up to 78% of couples who receive couples therapy report improved communication with their partner.

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