Become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

A career as a licensed marriage and family therapist requires a combination of education and clinical experience. In addition to the degree program, some states require additional post-graduate hours in the field, including work with couples, children, and families. After graduation, future therapists must pass an examination administered by the Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards. The exam evaluates the therapist’s knowledge of theories, client diagnoses, and treatment interventions.

A licensed marriage and family therapist will help families identify the underlying causes of their problems. They will work to identify the root cause of each issue, whether it’s the dysfunctional parenting style of a teenager, or the emotional or psychological effects of substance abuse. Once the issues are identified, a therapist can intervene to restore relationships and prevent further damage. Once the problems are addressed, a licensed marriage and family therapist can provide effective treatment.

A licensed marriage and family therapist can provide guidance for a family in need of support. Even strong families can benefit from a seasoned therapist’s advice and assistance. They may need someone to act as an objective observer during times of stress or unexpected conflict. Also, a therapist can help a couple through different stages of their relationship, helping them break negative patterns and develop more positive ones. After receiving certification, they must work to complete continuing education programs.

A licensed marriage and family therapist must be a member of the American Psychological Association. To become a licensed marriage and family therapist, a candidate must have completed an accredited marriage and family therapy program. For graduates of other fields, additional graduate coursework is required. For those with a master’s degree, supervised internship/practicum experience is often required. A therapist must complete additional clinical hours to practice marriage and/or family therapy.

Licensed marriage and family therapists are able to work in a variety of settings. Depending on the nature of the problem, a licensed therapist will work with a couple or individuals on an individual basis, with the aim of identifying the underlying issues and working to improve the relationship. They will also help their clients break bad habits and repair broken relationships. This is the main reason why an MFT is a valuable asset to a family.

To become a licensed marriage and family therapist, you must complete a master’s degree program in MFT. To qualify as a MFT, you must have at least a master’s degree and complete at least 1,500 hours of post-graduate clinical internship. Upon successful completion of your coursework, you must complete an examination to receive your license. There are many courses and workshops to help you with this process.