Christian Marriage Counseling in Augusta GA

christian marriage counseling augusta ga

Christian marriage counseling can help you heal from divorce and rekindle your love life. In Augusta, Georgia, there are a number of counselors that specialize in helping couples work through their differences. These include Brandon Coussens, Carolyn A. Ramp, and Melony. These counselors have all helped many people get through their divorce and rebuild their lives.

Brandon Coussens is a christian marriage counselor

If you are looking for a Christian marriage counselor in Augusta, Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. Ashley Davis is a licensed therapist in Augusta, Georgia who offers a variety of services for both couples and individuals. She understands the frustrations that couples face and focuses on regaining the joy of their relationship. You won’t feel judged, and she will dig deep to find the root cause of your relationship’s issues.

Brandon Coussens has been practicing in the mental health field for over ten years, and his practice offers a friendly atmosphere. Couples and individuals can visit him in his Augusta, Georgia office, or use online counseling services. He also offers Christian counseling and can help couples learn healthier ways to communicate with each other.

Carolyn A. Ramp

Christian marriage counseling in Augusta GA provides a professional, compassionate environment for couples. Christian therapists have a minimum of a master’s degree and are committed to Biblical principles. They also have a passion for helping people who are hurting and provide hope during difficult times. They provide marriage and family therapy as well as individual counseling.


Melony Gibson has over 23 years of experience in Christian ministry, including counseling, teaching, mentoring, public speaking, youth ministry, and youth group leadership. She is passionate about helping married couples heal and develop more emotionally intimate relationships. In addition to her professional counseling skills, Melony has experience in public speaking and writing.

Melony’s Christian counseling center in Augusta GA offers marriage and family therapy as well as individual counseling. Counselors at this center are committed to Biblical principles and are trained to support and uphold the values of the Christian faith. They offer a free phone consultation and evening appointments.

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