Free Marriage Counseling – Finding the Best Provider for You

Free marriage counseling Jacksonville FL offers the same quality as the more expensive services. The cost is worth it, as it can save you many hours of time when your partner has some serious questions or concerns. If your marriage has hit a hurdle and seems to be sliding downward, you need to seek professional guidance before it gets out of control. Professional guidance can also help you determine if it will be worth the cost to continue the marriage.

The first step to free marriage counseling Jacksonville fl is finding a therapist. You should interview several to determine which one you like best. Make sure you ask plenty of questions so you feel comfortable with them. You may also want to see a couple of free marriage workshops or seminars so you get an idea of how the sessions go.

Many professionals offer free marriage counseling Jacksonville fl services. The two most popular are those of Dr. Edward Latessa and Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Both are highly respected and have been a leading force in the field of marriage and family therapy for over forty years. There are many other excellent therapists available, but these two are considered the “go to guys.” You may want to try other therapists as well, but these two provide the best free resources.

If you still have questions after you interview the therapists, you should then contact the couple’s doctor to ensure that all of the issues you have are of a medical nature. This will eliminate a lot of the stress related to marriage counseling Jacksonville fl. Your doctor will know the best treatments for your particular marriage problems. Remember that even minor physical symptoms can signal a health issue and will need to be addressed. Also, the doctor will be familiar with the most effective methods of treatment for your particular problem.

Free marriage counseling can take place in several settings. Family and Community centers are a few of the finest places to find help. Many times the local Human Resources Department handles these types of marriages. Many cities also have marriage seminars or workshops where you can get the same information. You may have to make some telephone calls to find out if any of these marriage seminars are offered at the time you are considering marriage counseling Jacksonville fl.

As you can see, the internet is the best way to find free marriage counseling Jacksonville fl. You can find all of the information you need from the comfort of your own home. A quick search on the internet will give you some of the most honest answers to the questions you may have. Just remember that any marriage counselor who claims that they can save your marriage without involving a therapist is probably not legitimate. But, the more honest marriage counselors are, the better the chances are for you to save your marriage.