Free Marriage Counseling in Columbia SC

free marriage counseling columbia sc

If you’re looking for free marriage counseling in Columbia, SC, you’ve come to the right place. You can get help through services like Thriveworks Counseling, which connects you with trained professionals. You can also find information online about marriage counseling in your area. Here are some resources:

Casey Lee

If you are looking for free marriage counseling in Columbia SC, you can find a provider online. Casey Lee is a graduate of Columbia International University. She specializes in treating couples and individuals who are in troubled relationships. Her therapy approach is gentle and supportive, and she offers a safe base from which to explore your issues. She also offers free phone consultations. To learn more about Casey Lee’s services, contact her today.

When seeking free marriage counseling in Columbia SC, it is important to look for a provider who accepts your health insurance. Lee is affiliated with the Lexington County Community Mental Health Center. His website does not indicate if he accepts health insurance, but you should call to find out if your plan covers his services. Otherwise, you may have to pay for your services out-of-pocket. If you can’t afford to pay for the counseling, you can get help through other sources.

Restored marriage intensives

Restored marriage intensives are the best way to get your marriage back on track. They offer two and half days of intensive counseling with two highly trained marriage counselors. Each session lasts about six hours, and the sessions can be conducted in person or virtually. Because of the high demand for these programs, you will need to pay in advance. To get the full value of each session, you may want to consider attending multiple sessions over several months.

Restored marriage counseling

Restored marriage counseling in Columbia SC can help you improve your relationship. Couples who feel distant from each other may benefit from the help of a therapist. Through these sessions, they can learn how to communicate more openly and become closer. If you feel disconnected from your partner, you may want to make contact physically. Marriage counseling can help you improve your intimacy. But before you start the counseling process, you need to know a few things.

Often, couples experience problems in their relationship because of their selfishness. They tend to blame their partner for all of the problems, even though the fault lies on both sides. Marriage counseling helps couples talk through their concerns and problems in a neutral environment without taking sides. The counselors will explore ways to resolve the issues and maintain a harmonious relationship. When couples attend counseling, they can expect to be heard and listened to with respect.