How Agape Marriage Counseling Can Help Any Couple

Agape Marriage Counseling is a Christian based program that is geared towards assisting couples who are having problems in their relationships. The Agape marriage seminar is hosted by Randy Alcorn, a Southern Baptist and the father of two young boys. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance at love. “I want to help couples overcome obstacles,” he states. “I want to help parents overcome challenges in raising their children.”

The Agape Marriage Counseling program offers four workshops that are based on the Bible. The first workshop is called “The Family – A Great Place to Start Getting Married.” The second workshop is called “hitting the stumbling block.” The third workshop is “Stories of Love.” And the fourth workshop is “framing a healthy relationship.”

I attended the first workshop titled “The Family – A Great Place to Start Getting Married.” During this one on one session, Mr. Alcorn shared with the couple several stories from his own life that centered around his wife. The stories helped to make the entire marriage counseling experience more authentic. One particular story involved his wife having an affair with another man. This story brought tears to my eyes as I listened to it.

The second workshop focused on hitting the stumbling block. This one was called “The Importance of Choosing a Perfect Spouse.” I liked this topic, because it gave me a great opportunity to hear about what an important role religion plays in a person’s life. In this workshop, I learned about how important it is to select a spouse according to their character, their faith, their education, and their overall compatibility with you. Elizabeth and Randy pointed out some of the common problems people have in getting married. Two of the most common problems they cited were: physical incompatibility and personality incompatibility.

With these two suggestions, I feel that I have found a great help for couples who are having marital problems. I hope that Elizabeth and Randy experienced similar happiness and satisfaction with their marriage as I did. They both shared with me that their relationship is truly special. It’s not just between them, it’s also between their God and their relationship with each other. After all, God is the one who made them one.

If you or your spouse has struggled with your relationship, I encourage you to try out Elizabeth G. Coriey’s program. You will find many testimonials and reviews online, and you will also find a great help for pre-marital counseling. It’s definitely worth checking out. It could possibly save your marriage, or at least give you some extra tools to work with in your own relationship. For more information on The Marriage Bible, check out our website!