How Helpful is Marriage Counseling Santa Rosa?

In The Marriage of Figaro, Marlow Mesinger tackles the knotting elements of a successful marriage and lays out in simple, logical steps how to repair a marriage in crisis. Following the story of the unlikely duo, Phil and Olive, who married in wartime Italy, this tale follows their misgivings as they try to put aside their differences to form a loving relationship. This is not a story of how two people can get along, but rather one of the immense human need to find a way to live together that will bring both parties much happiness. As a result, The Marriage of Figaro is a wonderfully readable, and at times heartbreaking, look at marriage counseling from the perspective of someone who has been there before.

The main characters are two young American women, Olive and Phil. They meet each other in the midst of the World War II when Olive is eleven years old and Phil is eighteen. Both are eager to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s arms, but the tension between them grows as they begin to learn about each other’s backgrounds and early successes and losses. Slowly but surely, though, they realize that despite everything they have in common, something is missing from their lives and as a result, they begin to drift apart.

The core conflict of The Marriage of Figaro is their inability to see beyond the first steps. In order to save their marriage, both parties must first realize what is really holding their marriage back from becoming what it should be. While this may sound a little simplistic, but what this novel does effectively is to show how a couple’s physical attraction and emotional connection can grow into deep, meaningful, and passionate marriage. This helps the reader to see how their marriage counseling session is really worth the effort, and also provides insight into why the troubled couple, Olive and Phil, eventually resolve their issues and decide to make a life together.

On its surface, The Marriage of Figaro is simply a love story. And that is what makes it so successful. The author shows how two people can fall in love without ever having sex, without any pressure to date or pursue a relationship, and without the complications of premarital testing or monogamy. The story takes place in Olive’s life, at the beginning when she meets her new husband Phil. She realizes that as good as the sex was, it wasn’t what she had been looking for, and the book ends with her deciding to marry Phil.

However, the book isn’t just a love story. It goes much deeper than that, touching upon the importance of communication and how that plays into not only marriage and relationship happiness, but life in general. In a culture where people often communicate through texting, emails, instant messaging, and other communication tools that are easy to ignore, it is important to understand that the way we talk and the feelings we have in our relationships can sometimes be missing. By listening to the other person and truly communicating with them on an inner level, one can truly find the depth of their emotion and begin to work out any problems in their relationship.

Overall, I really liked the book and even found the different relationship resources that are offered in each chapter very interesting and helpful. It is always good to know what direction a couple is going in before they start their journey down that path and having access to marriage counseling Santa Rosa before they go in may be just the thing that helps them to take that crucial step. With the variety of information, resources, and opportunities that are available through the book, it is easy to see why the author’s name has been chosen over again as the top choice of many couples who are seeking marriage and relationship help.