How To Deal With The Problem Of Your Wife Having A Lack Of Affection For You?

Many Christian marriages are failing nowadays and more couples are seeking expert help at Christian marriage counseling. Many Christians don’t know what to do in these troubled marriages and are often confused on how to start fixing these relationships. Some Christians have the idea that these problems can just be solved by “self-work”. However, counseling with a trained professional is much more effective in improving these relationships. The following tips will help you save your relationship:

Firstly, when you are going through Christian marriage counseling Lansing Mi, make sure that you are communicating with your partner regularly. It’s important that your spouse knows how you feel. Communicate with him or her about your day, the things happening in the office and in the family, the tension and pressures in your relationship, and about your health. When you are speaking with your partner, rattling your Bible or wearing religious jewelry will not help you. It will actually destroy your relationship and put both of you under pressure from God.

Secondly, always remember that your relationship is not about a specific gender or any “one size fits all” solution. The person who is right for you may not be the person right for your married person. The Bible teaches that everyone has free will to choose whom they will marry. Therefore, Christian marriage counseling Lansing Mi teaches you to get to know the married person intimately before you decide which person you will actually marry.

Next, always remember that the daily chores should be given priority. If your wife wants to go shopping, then don’t say no. Doing your daily chores will show your wife that you still care for her and you won’t resent doing them even if she gets to do what she pleases. A true Christian marriage counseling lansingmi would see this as your duty and you would never get stressed out doing your chores because you know your wife likes doing them.

Another example of this principle is when your wife has been giving you some constant irritation by constantly talking on the phone, then leave the phone alone for a while. It takes so long to pick up the phone every time she rings, so let her have some peace and quiet. This Christian marriage counseling lansingmi principle can really help you get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that you know how to support each other in your long time together as a married couple.

Lastly, always remember that your success is linked to how much love you have for your spouse. Your wife does not love you anymore, but your love for her should be more than enough to keep you going through all the rough times. Remember that your success does not depend on her. If your wife does not love you anymore, then you need to change yourself or at least make your wife love you more. Constant church attendance, attending spiritual seminars and attending Christian marriage counseling llansingmi will definitely help you on your way.