Marriage Counseling Degree Programs

marriage counseling degree programs

Accredited online marriage counseling and family therapy degree programs are available to students who cannot attend traditional on-campus courses. Online study is considerably less expensive than traditional on-campus study, and you may even earn a doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy. Accreditation is important to consider before selecting an online program. To find the best online degree program, compare course requirements and credit requirements. Accredited programs also offer online instructional information and do not require the GRE.

Online study is cheaper than traditional on-campus study

The costs of marriage counseling degree programs vary depending on your state. Walden University in Ohio offers a ninety percent online program. Walden’s faculty is composed of experienced, licensed counselors. Dr. Rabeena Alli is a National Certified Counselor and licensed professional counselor. The degree also satisfies the education requirement for marriage and family therapy in the state of North Carolina.

The university’s Master of Arts in marriage and family therapy program is a good choice for Minnesota residents. Students can study research-based counseling courses with Christian theology courses to develop their counseling skills. This program typically takes three years and requires 600 internship hours. The program also requires 240 hours of direct counseling before graduation. Online study for marriage counseling degree programs is also less expensive than traditional on-campus study.

An online master’s degree in marriage and family therapy is an excellent way to advance your career. The program features 60 credits of coursework, which include 51 required credits and nine electives. The online MFT program includes a 500-hour internship. It’s accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education and meets all the clinical requirements of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Regent University is another Christian college with an online program. Graduates have found employment in public agencies, private practices, and mental health facilities. Some even go on to earn a doctorate, paving the way to become a clinical researcher and professor. The University of New Hampshire’s Master of Science in marriage and family therapy program prepares students to practice as clinical counselors. The program offers two start dates: fall and spring. If you’d prefer to start your studies part-time, you must enroll during the fall semester.

Unlike traditional on-campus programs, online degree programs are designed to provide students with a better educational experience. Often paired with on-campus immersions, the curriculum includes real-world experience. Some programs even offer small, intimate classes with only fifteen students. To become a licensed marriage and family therapist, you need to be licensed in all fifty states. You must complete a master’s degree program, log 2,000-4,000 supervised training hours, and take a state-recognized licensing exam. You’ll need to complete continuing education credits each year to maintain your license.

Another great program is Auburn University’s Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Only six students are accepted into the program each year. Applicants must have an excellent GPA and strong GRE scores. They must also submit three letters of recommendation and a professional statement. Online study is often cheaper than on-campus study. This program also offers a parallel online program. This is an excellent program for those who work in the field and want to be licensed.

Students can earn a doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy

The doctorate in marriage and family therapy program is available online. The Northcentral University program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education. Unlike other programs, Northcentral’s doctorate program is affordable and can be completed in less than three years. Students can enroll in online classes or participate in one-week residential courses. The curriculum focuses on the theory and practice of marriage and family therapy, and students can choose between eight professional specializations.

After earning a master’s degree, students can choose to pursue doctoral studies. While a PhD program will teach students academic writing and research, the Psy.D. program will focus more on clinical practice. Before enrolling in a doctoral program, students should consider the duration, cost, and specializations offered. The specialization will determine the direction of study and your competition for a particular position.

To earn a doctorate in marriage and family psychology, students must complete 72 credits of coursework. Up to 33 credits of credit from an MFT degree can be applied towards the degree. The Ph.D. program requires students to complete a clinical internship of 1,000 hours and a dissertation of research in the field. Students must also pass a doctoral qualifying examination. There are two types of doctoral programs: the Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program and the Doctor of Philosophy in Couple and Family Therapy program.

The Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy is a great way to further your career in marriage and family counseling. The job outlook is bright: jobs for marriage and family therapists are projected to grow by nearly twenty-three percent by 2026. Nearly four fifths of these professionals work in individual or family settings. Eight percent of psychologists and marriage and family therapists work for themselves. There are also many online programs available.

Students can earn a doctorate in marriage-and-family therapy through online courses. At Amridge University, a PhD in marriage and family therapy takes about 60 semester hours to complete. The number of hours required for completion of the program depends on the amount of graduate course work a student has completed prior to enrolling in the program. This degree is not intended for licensure, so students must complete the required course work before applying. Some additional courses may be required for licensure.

A PhD in marriage and family therapy prepares students for leadership roles in the professional mental health and pastoral counseling fields. Graduates of this program may work in a variety of settings, including private practice, leadership roles, research, and education. They may also choose to do research and supervise other clinicians. There are numerous job opportunities available for those who pursue a PhD in marriage and family therapy. The doctorate in marriage and family therapy will allow you to practice the skills you need to practice in the field.


To become a licensed marriage and family therapist, you will need an accredited M.A. in marriage and family therapy degree. Accredited programs are backed by reputable associations in the field. Most M.A. programs are designed to prepare you for state licensure exams. This type of program prepares you for both the state licensure exam and real-world practice. Accredited programs have been approved by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT).

There are many online degree programs that can prepare you to practice marriage and family therapy. An online master’s program in marriage and family therapy can take as little as two years. The program offers flexible course work, so you can work and care for your family while completing the coursework. In addition, if you want to study part-time, you can complete the program in a shorter amount of time if you choose.

You should consider several factors when choosing an accredited marriage and family counseling degree program. First, consider your financial situation. Online programs may be more affordable than campus-based programs. Also, check whether the program has a track record for granting licenses in your state. You can also consider specializations. If you have a passion for couples counseling, look for a school with relevant degrees, licensure, and real-world experience.

You can also pursue a doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy. The PhD will help you expand your knowledge and skills, and can be a valuable asset to your career as a marriage counselor. Most states require marriage counselors to attend continuing education courses to keep their licenses current. This requirement may vary from state to state, and the required amount may differ by course. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you may be eligible for a master’s program. You’ll also be able to take advantage of online programs that require no GRE scores.

For a Master’s program in marriage and family therapy, you may want to take online courses. These programs typically require 93 quarter-units of coursework. Courses will cover topics such as premarital counseling, divorce, and family reunification. If you choose online classes, you should be aware that these programs are not online-only. Some require you to take on some on-campus classes, as required by state mandates. These courses are often complemented by internships.

While the Commission on Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education accredits graduate programs, undergraduate therapy programs are not eligible for evaluation by this commission. However, programs may choose to apply for accreditation on their own. It’s best to choose an accredited program over one without accreditation. This will give you peace of mind that the program will meet the requirements of the state licensing board. A well-accredited program will help you get licensure faster.

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