Marriage Counseling Degree Programs

Marriage counseling degrees can be obtained at both public and private universities. The first steps for a student taking a marriage counseling degree is to complete an accredited associate’s degree. Students in an accredited online marriage counseling degree course take courses, including basic concepts in family and marriage therapy, psychological assessment, human sexuality, and sociology. Although many courses are completed entirely online, many programs also have opportunities to participate in virtual workshops and virtual forums.

There are a number of different schools that offer the associate’s degree in marriage counseling degree. The University of Phoenix, which is a United States college that specializes in higher education, offers a number of online programs, including the Bachelor of Science in Counseling Degree. The University of Evansville also offers an associate’s degree in family and marriage therapy. The Pacific University has an associate’s degree program that can be completed in less than two years. The Ohio State University has a Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Marriage Therapy.

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy offers a bachelor’s degree in marriage counseling with a focus on psychology. In order to become an accredited marriage counselor, a student must earn the same degree that is required to become a licensed therapist in that state. There are a variety of colleges and universities that offer this course. The University of Michigan – College campus offers a Marriage and Family Therapy Concentration. The University of Minnesota – Campus has an associate’s degree that can be completed in as little as two years. The George Warren School of Psychology at the University of Florida has an accelerated program that allows students to complete their degrees in eighteen months.

The National Association of Marriage Counselors offers courses that are available to both students and professional clients. The main benefits of becoming a marriage counselor include being able to help couples effectively deal with issues like anger and resentment, communication problems, family issues and identity issues. The trained marriage counselors can also assist clients in creating a plan of action for them to successfully achieve their goals. Clients who go on to take the marriage counseling degree further can choose to become a marriage therapist, a psychologist, or a social worker.

Online Marriage Counseling Degree Programs may offer the same benefits as traditional on-campus programs. Most online of programs may require that candidates complete an approximately fourteen-week online study schedule that includes lecture and discussion sections. Some online mft programs may require candidates to submit written reports and participate in online forums. Candidates who successfully complete an accredited online marriage counseling degree program may be eligible to sit for the Certified Marriage and Family Therapist certification exam.

A few states recognize these marriage counselors as mental health aides. These counselors are often referred to as marriage and mental health aides. To work as a mental health aide, candidates must first have a Master’s Degree in Mental Health or Social Work. Online Marriage Counseling degrees are very helpful for those who want a career in mental health counseling. These degrees will prepare graduates to enter various settings such as school teaching, government, hospitals, hospices, private practices and nonprofit organizations.