Marriage Counseling For Seventh Day Adventists

A Seventh Day Adventist marriage is a loving commitment between two Christians who are committed to the saving of mankind. Marriage counseling can help to make it possible for a man and woman to enter into this holy union. Although marriage counseling is not a required component of a Christian wedding, many a time it helps to have it as an option. Some people find it hard to believe that marriage counseling exists outside of Christianity. On the contrary, it is an integral part of the Christian life and has been from the time of Christ Himself.

The foundation of the seventh day Adventist approach to marriage is simple but profound. It makes use of the analogy of the universe to explain the nature of marriage. All life is seen as a series of events which have an underlying, causes. The causes of each event can be classified into three categories. These three categories are nature, God, and the devil. This idea of cause and effect is central to the Seventh Day Adventist understanding of marriage.

In understanding marriage and what is involved in keeping it alive and thriving, it is important to remember that no single thing controls or dominates the universe. All things are subject to the laws of cause and effect, whether we want it to or not. In a marriage relationship one of the most powerful forces shaping the course of events is the will of the individuals involved. The seventh day Adventist view of marriage reminds us that whatever the will of both parties is doing, nature will respond with either positive or negative results. If nature does not respond in the way that was hoped or wished, the only logical result is divorce.

One of the reasons that the seventh day Adventist marriage advice is so appealing is because it puts marriage into a spiritual context. It is suggested that those looking for marriage advice (and there are plenty of resources on the internet) try to understand why they are being married. This understanding can then be applied in terms of current situations and future goals. By putting marriage into a larger spiritual context, it makes it easier to see the lessons in the details that each spouse is learning, rather than being content to accept that their partner simply is not interested in them anymore.

When looking for marriage help, Seventh Day Adventist couples should look to find a trained individual who has been trained in a similar setting. There are several trained marriage counselors available through the internet who specialize in this type of counseling. Before beginning therapy, however, the couple should make sure that they are both willing to enter counseling and that they can both commit to working towards fixing their problems together. This commitment will not only make the process more effective, but will also give each of them a stronger sense of satisfaction when they see the progress that they have made with each other.

The seventh day Adventist church provides resources to help those in a relationship struggle. If you are experiencing trouble, there are resources available to help you work through it and to encourage you through it as well. Some resources can even be downloaded right to your computer.