Marriage Counseling in Anchorage AK

If you’re seeking a marriage counselor in Anchorage, Alaska, you can turn to one of the many agencies in the area. These agencies offer individual, relationship, and family therapy services, and some even offer mediation services. Below are a few options to consider. Read on to learn more about these options. Thriveworks Counseling, Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling, MaryAnn Mattingly, and Shawnmarie Carpenter.

Thriveworks Counseling

Thriveworks Counseling is a local practice offering counseling therapy and psychiatry services. They focus on the success of their clients, and their licensed therapists have expertise in all areas of life. Issues such as relationship problems, stress, trauma, and eating disorders are also common topics addressed by their licensed therapists. Thriveworks is a top choice for local residents, as they hire the top 4% of counseling professionals. Some of the other benefits include extended hours, insurance acceptance, and premium membership benefits.

Whether you’re dealing with a serious issue, or you’re just concerned about a general lack of connection, marriage therapy can help you resolve difficult issues and strengthen your bond. Depending on your situation, marriage counseling may also help you deal with empty nest syndrome and the other common issues that come with the aging process. Thriveworks counselors accept many insurance plans and offer reasonable self-pay rates.

Depression is a common mental health problem that requires professional help. Many people think that it’s nothing more than “a case of the blues,” but they can’t snap out of it on their own. Fortunately, treatment is available and Thriveworks, Anchorage, Alaska, has trained mental health professionals who are skilled in diagnosing and treating major depressive disorders. In addition to offering marriage counseling services, Thriveworks also offers psychiatry and a range of other services.

Thriveworks provides many services for couples, including counseling for anxiety. The provider at Thriveworks will get to know you as a person and devise a personalized treatment plan to target your specific issues. Whether you’re experiencing stress or anxiety related to a stressful event, Thriveworks is here to help. They also offer anxiety treatment in Anchorage, Alaska.

Many major life changes affect the mood and emotional state of the family. Many people don’t want to face a long commute, lack reliable transportation, or simply don’t feel comfortable meeting face-to-face. Luckily, remote therapy services are available just a few clicks away. Thriveworks Counseling provides the support you need and the space to move forward. Even if you live in a small town, a counselor can help you make the changes necessary for a happy family.

Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling

If you’re looking for a variety of therapy services to help you deal with tough times, from depression to marriage problems, you’ve come to the right place. Anchorage’s Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling provides services for individuals, couples, families, and even corporate mediation. Contact the counseling center for more information. Here are some of the most common types of therapy offered by this firm:

These therapists offer a variety of therapy services, ranging from individual counseling to relationship therapy. Many clients find that they prefer to work with a therapist who specializes in their field. They are also able to refer clients to external medical experts for further care, if necessary. Clients are assured of confidentiality and respect. This is essential when dealing with complicated issues. Besides, they can take advantage of Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling’s compassionate staff.

The Institute of Health and Wellness fosters the advancement of knowledge, understanding, and reasoning. Students gain an appreciation of Alaska’s complex history and its distinctive health care systems and services. They also prepare for community health care and stewardship. The Institute is dedicated to preparing students to practice a profession that promotes public health. If you’re in need of therapy, contact Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling Svc at 920 W Dimond Blvd in Anchorage, AK 99515.

MaryAnn Mattingly

The practice of Marriage and Family Counseling in Anchorage, Alaska is run by the experienced Licensed Professional Counselor, MaryAnn Mattingly. She specializes in working with individuals, couples, and families. She helps clients overcome problems, improve relationship harmony, and gain insight into their relationships. Additionally, she offers Skype sessions to facilitate communication between clients and their therapist. This is a great option if you are not able to make it to the practice in person.

Shawnmarie Carpenter

If you’re looking for marriage counseling in Anchorage, AK, Shawnmarie Carpenter is the right choice for you. She is a master certified marriage counselor and a member of the Alaska Marriage & Family Therapy Associates, a mental health association comprised of highly-passionate professionals. She works to create secure, resilient, and successful relationships in families and communities throughout the state. Here are some of her tips for finding the right marriage counselor in Anchorage.

First, let’s look at her educational background. She has a Master of Education from the University of Oregon and a Highly Qualified Certification from Emporia University in Kansas. She then pursued a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. She emphasizes mutual engagement and uses emotionally focused therapy to help couples resolve conflict and build healthy relationships. You can schedule a free consultation with her by calling her at (907) 833-7647.

If you’re considering marriage counseling in Anchorage, AK, Mrs. Carpenter may be the right choice. She practices at Alaska Marriage & Family Therapy Associates. She may also specialize in other areas of family therapy. She accepts insurance and telehealth sessions. You can also get matched with other online therapists in Anchorage and find one with good reviews and a convenient location. Just remember to check your insurance policy before making an appointment with her.

She has a Master’s degree in education from the University of Oregon and has a BS in biology. She has also been trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Her education has led her to become one of the few Certified Emotionally Focused Therapists in Alaska. Shawnmarie also completed an externship with Dr. Sue Johnson to further her education in marriage and family therapy.

If you’re looking for marriage counseling in Anchorage, AK, don’t forget to check out Shawnmarie Carpenter’s background. She received her BA from the University of Oregon and her MS from Capella University. You can also contact her at her LinkedIn profile. She also has a phone number and a LinkedIn profile. For more information about her practice, check out her profile on LinkedIn and learn more about her work.

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