Marriage Counseling In Sacramento

The Sacramental Church has been advocating the practice of marriage counseling. Some years ago, the Roman Catholic Church opposed the acceptance of marriage counseling. In the year 1960, Pope John Paul II renewed the pleadings of his predecessors. He declared that it is in the nature of a man and wife to be able to come together in marriage. Marriage as a divine institution was then rejected by the Church.

Today, this position is no longer taught. The Church instead teaches that marriage counseling involves the couple themselves coming to an open and honest discussion about their problems. A third party is then invited to assist in resolving these issues. If you have made the decision to enter into a marriage counseling relationship, it is important to understand what your responsibilities are.

First of all, you should know that it is very important that you are guided by the discernment and wisdom of the Lord. He is the one who will tell you what your sin is and what your duties are under the institution of marriage. Ask your heavenly Father for help. Most marriages are not perfect, but the Lord is happy with them because they end up in His arms. When you begin to enter into a marriage counseling relationship you are walking down a path which has been long traveled by many other couples.

As a result, you should be prepared to give much more than you receive. Be prepared to learn about every possible situation that may come up. Seek out for the advice and assistance of those persons who are highly trained in the area of marriage and family counseling. Such persons may be available through a local or national organization that specializes in this field. You may also want to consider joining an online forum which exists solely to help couples who are going through similar circumstances.

You must remember that marriage counseling is not merely a technical exercise. You and your spouse will need to listen carefully to one another. Listen without judgment, to find out what your concerns are. Communicate calmly and with confidence, and above all, allow you the opportunity to discuss things thoroughly so that they can be resolved between the two of you.

Once the discussion has taken place, you must find the time to discuss it frankly with each other. It is better to get it over and done with early on rather than waiting until it has blown up out of proportion. If you are not able to do this, seek out the assistance of a therapist or professional counselor. Do not put it off any longer. The only person you can blame for failing your marriage is yourself.