Marriage Help Books

marriage help books

When selecting a marriage help book, it is important to make sure the book is not written from the point of view of its reader. A book written from the perspective of the reader may not have much new to offer. The goal of a marriage help book should be to help the couple grow together, and the authors should be able to convey that message to their readers. Fortunately, there are many books available to choose from. The following list contains a few recommendations for your reading enjoyment.

Sacred Marriage by Jennifer-Brooke Destefano

If you are looking for a deep, insightful book on marriage, you should read Sacred Marriage by Jennifer-Brooke DeStefano. This book reveals the overarching purpose of God, and it will change your marriage for the better. If you read Sacred Marriage, your marriage may become a gateway to a closer walk with God and a spiritual integrity that seasons the world with the fragrance of Christ.

Sacred Marriage provides practical tools that can help Christian couples make their marriages happier and more fulfilling. While this book does not focus on how to make your marriage more fulfilling, it does provide a wealth of insight into church history, scripture, and Christian classics. It also provides examples of marriages today that illustrate how to improve a relationship with your spouse and your God. If you are a married Christian, you are likely seeking help becoming holier and more authentic, but Sacred Marriage provides both tools and spiritual guidance.

The Big Idea by Jon M. Gottman

This marriage help book by Jon M. Gottman focuses on the 4 key behaviors that predict the failure of marriages. The book uses an example of a bird, which has the power to either turn toward its mate or ignore it. This example illustrates the importance of communication in a marriage and demonstrates the need to compliment one another in a meaningful way. If you want to have a happy marriage, these four behaviors are crucial.

This marriage help book focuses on the need for emotional intelligence in couples. It argues that emotionally intelligent couples understand and communicate their love maps. While the principles are not always immediately applicable to every marriage, they can help you create a more harmonious relationship. It is important to note that applying these principles takes time. The authors also suggest a workshop for couples in recovery to teach them these principles.

The authors of The Big Idea believe that the relationship between a man and a woman is fundamentally different. By combining research and practical application, they show that this research can lead to a healthy relationship. Gottman and his wife have even devised a way to predict the health of a marriage in three minutes. It’s a fascinating book that will make marriage better.

The Big Idea by Jon M. Gottman has helped countless couples improve their relationship. Gottman, a Harvard University Professor and Certified Gottman therapist, has done extensive research on the subject of marriage and relationships. The study revealed that marriages that were not properly protected by a partner’s behavior were more likely to end in divorce. The Gottman research was able to predict with 94% accuracy whether a couple would divorce in six years. Gottman identified four traits in the relationship that couples share in common.

Sacred Marriage by Joan Didion

“The Sacred Marriage” is an interesting essay by Joan Didion. While the author acknowledges both sides of the argument, she also mocks the wedding industry with satire. As the author describes the weddings of three couples in Las Vegas, the reader may be confused whether these weddings are really for love or to escape the draft. Is it wrong to have a wedding in Vegas? Or does the author intend to make the audience question the validity of such a practice?

Didion’s chronic melancholia and hovering paranoia made the author a bona fide star in the 1960s. Her fame started when she stepped off the plane at Idlewild in the spring of 1955 and wrote “Goodbye to All That.” The essay captures the summer of 1955, her years in New York, and the tone of 1967, and has been internalized by countless young writers.

The memoir is divided into nine parts, each recounting one year in the life of one of the characters. It follows Didion as she tries to figure out the meaning of her life as she gets older. Didion notices her aging and catches herself in vexing physical events that lead to an irreversible decline. Her grief also confirms her lifelong fear of snakes and strangers with knives.

Didion’s prose is highly reminiscent of screenwriting. Characters have arcs, and the structure hits strategically placed “plot points.” The scenes are recalled with the aid of old photographs, wedding announcements, and items of Quintana’s clothing. Didion’s vivid descriptions of the setting create a compelling atmosphere for reading the memoir. But it also makes the reader question the author’s ability to conceive of the meaning of life and death.

Sacred Marriage by Gary Chapman

Sacred Marriage is a Bible study that is written by speaker and author Gary Thomas. The author argues that marriage is much more than a union between two people. Marriage is a covenant between God and his people and involves much more than just the two people’s union. He encourages people to seek the Lord’s will for their marriages and invites Bible study participants to reflect on this idea. Gary Thomas shares some of his own experiences in his book and invites his readers to join him in this Bible study.

The book begins with a harrowing story about a married couple who are unsure if they should stay together. Heather is married to a pastor, and she has noticed that her husband spends much of his time on his computer. She begins to have health problems, including gynecological issues. She has been diagnosed with a low strain of sexually transmitted disease. After receiving the diagnosis, Heather confronts her husband about the affair. He admits having an affair and says he “might still be in love” with someone else. Ultimately, Heather forgives her husband and continues pastoring.

The book is a great resource for marriage counseling. Many marriages fail because they are not prepared and don’t work as intimate teammates. This book provides techniques that can make marriages more fulfilling and holier. It is especially valuable for newlyweds and couples who are thinking about marriage. It encourages heartfelt and crucial conversations that will make your marriage flourish. The book is a must-read for every Christian couple.