Marriage Today – How to Prevent a Divorce Even When You Are in Pain

What have you done to save your marriage today? Picture your marriage as an investment, like a car or garden, or as an IRA account. If you did not spend time and attention on either of those items, they too would become weeds or grow worse, or leave you at a financial disadvantage for retirement, when they should have been helping you to grow and blossom. In the case of your marriage, your spouse has invested in you, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually. Your marriage is a happy marriage.

However, if you are like most married couples, you have also invested in your marriage by making it work and growing it over time. You have bought flowers and jewelry, purchased cars and homes, and vacations. The newest marriage tip is to take some time for yourself. Many boomers are finding that they have saved enough to get out of the traditional workplace by the time they reach retirement age. However, the generation of twenty-five to thirty-five years old, that has been the biggest growth market in terms of weddings, have not been keeping up with the other generations, and have not saved as much as their younger counterparts.

This means that many boomers are falling into the trap of couples who spend too much time together, socializing, and not taking care of each other physically, mentally, and spiritually. Boomers are spending time together socially and not spending time building and rebuilding the special bond between them. In the last thirty years or so, there has been a significant amount of divorce and breakups in marriages caused by the lack of emotional connection, the degree of neglect in the relationship, and in some cases, the excessive amount of social media addiction that couples have engaged in over the years.

With the marriage tip, it is recommended that married couples start to make time for themselves on a daily basis. There should be an emphasis put on daily personal hygiene, physical care, and spiritual care. By making time for oneself, married couples will find that they are able to better provide for and save for the other.

If these trends continue, there will be less marriage and domestic violence in our society in the future. In the last ten years or so, there has been a significant amount of marriages and domestic violence solved through the use of a domestic violence intervention team consisting of a volunteer from the church, an educational expert, and trained therapists, social workers, and law enforcement professionals. When this occurs, the rates of marriage and domestic violence will drop dramatically, which is the goal of most marriage and relationship experts.

It is important that the next generation of couples enter into marriage armed with knowledge about how to make their marriage and family work. While the traditional marriage does have its problems, coupled with social media and peer pressure, the numbers of couples breaking up is at an all-time high. This information will give couples tools to deal with their issues and potential emergencies. Couples who become educated about their marital issues before they get married can help themselves and their loved ones avoid the many possible difficulties that can arise.