Massage Therapy in Saco, WA – The Marriage Counseling Option

Marriage counseling and personal therapy use proven research-based techniques based on many years of empirical study. Counselors at marriage counseling and marriage therapy centers give individualized support so you can enrich communication, relationship & intimacy. In the past, those who sought help using psychotherapy have worked with thousands of couples and observed them rebuild their relationships over again.

I often times found myself reflecting back on the memories of my time as a counselor in an area organization, which used a cognitive behavior approach. One of the questions I would often ask clients was “What do you wish to get out of your marriage?” In my experience, clients would often respond, “I would like to feel loved & valued as a partner.” Unfortunately, very few couples where asking themselves, “What would I love to have more of – emotional support, intimacy, emotional security, clarity.”

Most couples therapy and marriage counseling centers today emphasize “talking through” the issues, as if our spouses were uninterested in listening. The first step to having meaningful communication is acknowledging that there is an issue, then learning better ways to handle it. Couples often begin by talking about the events of their day, but learning better ways to manage the conflict will increase intimacy and improve communication.

In my experience, people who seek my advice tend to be really worried and are often looking for a solution. Often times I find they are searching for answers to how to “fix” the problem, rather than asking “how can I make this better.” People often ask me, “How can I save my marriage?” Often times what is required to rebuild trust, respect, and intimacy, involves taking actions that would not have been open to them had their spouses confided in them in the beginning. However, when seeking marriage counseling in Sacramento, my clients often learn that by following their spouse’s example, that the spouses they have spent years with have changed.

When couples therapy in the morning begins with an open and honest dialogue about how each spouse feels, their needs, and where the conflict is, marital sex is often much easier. In many cases, when I do morning sessions, I am surprised at how quick the conversation ends. Many times I hear things like “Well, we never have sex again.” This often I think to myself, “Really? “, and I invariably return to the theme of “if you don’t work it out now, it will end up in divorce court.”

While many couples enter into marriage counseling in Saco wanting to learn better ways to communicate, reconnect, understand, grow together, find fulfillment, or find happiness, most do not realize the importance of building physical intimacy. By restoring physical intimacy, couples can learn better ways to express emotions, be authentic individuals, work through core issues, and truly rediscover a loving, committed relationship. Couples who seek marriage therapy in the Saco area are encouraged to also take advantage of complimentary programs that incorporate spiritual teachings, meditation, and yoga to enhance the healing process. Both the desire to improve a struggling marriage and the benefits of receiving massage therapy for the body, mind, and soul are obvious benefits of learning how to receive massage therapy in Saco.