Scriptural Advice For Marriage Counseling

A common question among couples in crisis is “What kinds of scriptures for marriage counseling should I use?” After all, many couples enter counseling with a desire to fix their marriage and make it work, but they don’t know where to turn for information. While there are many good books on the subject, there are also plenty of bad ones. So how do you know which books are the right ones?

First, listen to your own instincts. It’s pretty easy to make a mistake and choose the wrong book. Do you need more money or a new job? Do you feel like your mate doesn’t love you anymore? These are all questions you should ask yourself before deciding to use a certain text.

Another tip for picking out the right text is to use one that speaks to you directly. One of my favorites when I’m working on marriage counseling is an Old Testament verse that states, “Spit not out your seed upon the ground,” which encourages a woman to be faithful to her husband and keep his commandments. This book is powerful and it can touch your heart. If you’re having trouble committing to your marriage, this is one of the best scriptures for marriage counseling you’ll ever read.

There are other scriptures you can use if you want a more personal connection to your spouse. Some of the most powerful books I recommend for using in marriage problems include The Marriage Tool: Revealing Ways to Keep the Love of Your Life Strong and Your Family Bonding Tight, Healing Marriages, and A Year of Miracles. All of these books have proven success and many of them were written by Christian authors. You’ll learn many powerful ways to make your marriage a success.

But the best thing you can do when choosing scriptures for your marriage is to actually use them! Look for examples of how your favorite Bible passage is used today. Many couples like to read the Bible together and they may discuss the passages in detail. If you have time and can take notes, start reading your favorite books with your spouse and see if you can identify ways the authors of the Bible have helped you understand your marriage.

In addition to reading individual scriptures for marriage counseling, you can also use short movies, audio clips, songs, and even poems for your purposes. There’s no doubt that many of the scriptures above are very powerful. However, you don’t need to read each and every one. If you’re in a rut, just listen to a clip or watch an audio clip. Both of these will keep you inspired and help you stay focused on your goals.

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