Selecting a Marriage Counselor in Marion, Ohio

If you are looking for marriage counseling Ohio, Marion Ohio may be your answer. There are several marriage help professionals in this area that specialize in helping people get back together with their spouse or partner. In fact, many have offices just a few steps from your home! Here are some of the marriage help professionals in Marion, Ohio that you can contact.

The Bethel Christian Community is a Christian based organization that offers marriage counseling. They have several local resources as well as an online site that may be able to guide you in your search for a marriage counselor. If you feel that your relationship has become unimportant and that you may be moving on to other things, Bethel’s counselors will be able to help you see that your marriage can be saved. In fact, studies have shown that many couples that go through marriage counseling in Bethel, Ohio can still go on to have a successful and happy marriage.

Another marriage counseling professional in Marion, Ohio is Randy Coughlin, a marriage and family therapist that has been working in the area for several years. He can help you sort through your issues and come up with a plan to restore your marriage. In fact, he has even created his own course on saving marriages! If you are willing to look at the facts, and spend time searching for an experienced professional, Randy Coughlin may be the right match for you.

Bill Fricken, also from Bethel, Ohio, is another marriage help professional that can help you with your marriage problems. Bill is a marriage and family therapist that can work with you for several hours over the course of a session. In addition to having several hours of marriage counseling sessions, Bill Fricken also offers marriage retreats in various cities around the United States. These retreats allow you to not only go on one weekend of marriage counseling but to stay in a hotel for the weekend as well. You get all the resources and support you need, without having to worry about going back to your normal life. Check out Bill Fricken’s website for more information on his services.

Finding a marriage counseling professional in Marion, Ohio does not have to be a difficult or overwhelming task. As long as you are willing to take the time to search for the best professional you can find. And keep in mind that you should not be afraid to ask for references. Any good therapist should be willing to provide you with some before and after pictures. A therapist should be happy to provide you with these before and after photos.

Marriage counseling is a very important aspect of maintaining a marriage. If you are looking for help, find a marriage help professional in Marion, Ohio. You will be glad you did.