“Spring Hill Florida” – A Guide For Couples

In Arizona, marriage and family therapist Paul Cage’s marriage counseling series “Spring Hill Florida” presents the story of a man whose marriage is on the rocks. David, a good Christian who has a beautiful family, struggles to keep his marriage together. His wife accepts a job in Miami, leaving him with only his father as a presence in their home. David’s father tries to help him, but David’s increasingly difficult behavior reflects growing problems within the marriage.

When David’s father becomes so concerned about David’s marriage that he seeks professional help, David’s struggle to keep the marriage together comes to a head. At first, David ignores his father’s advice, but when his father’s concern for his son becomes too much for him to handle, David does the only thing he knows how to do. He tells his father about the marriage’s problems, and with the help of his family, he makes a fresh start for himself and for his marriage. This marriage counseling series offers a refreshing look at marriage and family counseling without the usual bickering and name-calling.

Cage’s calm and laid back style of speaking, coupled with his knowledge of marriage and family issues make this an easy read for couples who need to work through their issues. While some of the advice given may seem personal, the practical nature of the information made it relevant and helpful to everyone involved. Although some of the situations may seem unsurprising, such as the need for spousal support, the author does an effective job of pointing out how often these situations occur. Reading about and dealing with difficult situations, even when they feel like they’re coming to the end of the road, is a very practical way to deal with a troubled marriage. For anyone who’s ever been in a similar situation, the author’s simple, yet effective advice will prove very helpful.

The author’s experience as a marriage and family counselor is apparent throughout “Spring Hill Florida.” As he chronicles the ups and downs of his own marriage, he includes the reader in some of his sessions by allowing them to listen and respond. Cage has also spent considerable time researching the topic of marriage counseling, so much that he includes an entire chapter on the subject. What he has to offer as an expert on the matter is a bit more than personal experience, however. He provides solid information on emotional issues as well as practical suggestions for saving marriages.

The advice presented in “Spring Hill Florida” is valuable for any couple who is having trouble. Much of the information is applicable to any marital relationship, regardless of the problems involved. In addition, the book makes clear that it isn’t just what happens outside of the marriage that can damage it, but also what happens inside of it. By helping couples gain a better understanding of each other’s needs, and listening to how they communicate, a counselor can help them begin to work through their issues. Even if these issues are more complex than most couples realize, the reader will benefit from reading the book and realizing what is likely to be effective for his or her particular situation.

This helpful guide for couples is just one of the many helpful books on the market today. However, it is probably one of the better ones available. The author’s vast experience has provided him with useful insights into communication issues, which is apparent in this book. By providing sound guidance, he hopes to provide couples with the tools necessary to overcome problems. Whether seeking marriage counseling in Florida or elsewhere, this text can make seeking help much easier.