The Benefits of Marriage Counseling in Pueblo, CO

marriage counseling pueblo co

Couples who attend marriage counseling are able to refocus their relationship and identify the stresses in their lives. They learn how to work together and work through potential moments of discord, deepening their relationship. Couples can also deepen their spiritual connection with the help of marriage counseling. The benefits of marriage counseling go beyond its therapeutic value. The following are some of the benefits of this type of therapy. Read on to discover some of the benefits of marriage counseling.

Positive Reflections Coaching and Counseling Center

If you and your partner are experiencing a difficult time in your marriage, you should seek the help of a licensed Colorado marriage counselor. Positive Reflections Coaching and Counseling Center is a premier provider of marriage counseling in Pueblo, Colorado. Our certified counselors are able to provide individual and couples therapy. You can contact us via phone or contact form to get more information.

The positive aspects of marriage counseling are numerous. Couples can learn to refocus on each other and identify their stressors and deal with them. Afterwards, they can learn how to work together to avoid moments of discord. The counseling sessions can even deepen their spiritual connection. You can expect to walk away feeling much better and more enlightened after undergoing therapy.

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Pueblo

When you suffer from depression or anxiety, you are not alone. Many people are seeking help for mental health concerns. Emotional abuse wears on the soul and causes mental health concerns. Fortunately, most people who suffer from emotional abuse can overcome their pasts, find their own boundaries, and rebuild healthy relationships. The team at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Pueblo will help you overcome your mental health challenges and achieve greater happiness.

Thriveworks Counseling & Physiatry Pueblo understands that you may not be able to take care of every aspect of your life on your own. You want to get help for your mental health, but you don’t want to spend years undergoing counseling sessions. Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Pueblo provides counseling for individuals and families. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition, Thriveworks can provide the treatment that you need to get back on track.

Dr. Lynda Spann

If you’re in the Pueblo, CO area and seeking marriage counseling, consider Dr. Lynda Spann, a PhD in marriage and family therapy. Depending on your needs, Dr. Spann may specialize in depression or anxiety. Contact her by phone or email to make an appointment, or use the online booking service to find a marriage therapist who meets your needs.

Despite her decades of experience, Dr. Spann is committed to addressing the needs of queer couples. She works with all types of couples and has designed a unique program for queer couples to speed up the process. The Lesbian Couples Institute, founded in Denver by Dr. Spann, is now offering an online group coaching program for lesbian couples. To learn more, read this interview with Dr. Spann.

Dr. Spann is a licensed counselor in Pueblo, Colorado. Her clients range from those with a complicated history to those who are in a stable relationship. She is certified in both marriage counseling and divorce counseling. Her counseling centers are located in Pueblo, Huerfano, and Las Animas. She specializes in helping people heal from their relationship issues and reestablish the foundation of their relationship.

In addition to her practice in Pueblo, Dr. Spann is also a licensed mental health counselor. She has been practicing in the city for over 20 years. She also provides treatment for patients in other Colorado cities. You can also find her services online. She can offer free consultations, which are usually scheduled for 30 minutes per session. This allows you to make an appointment with her as soon as possible.


For nearly two decades, Lenore Gibson has offered marriage counseling services to couples in Pueblo, Colorado. During that time, she has gained a reputation for providing couples with a safe and confidential space to discuss difficult issues. As one of the most experienced marriage counselors in the area, she combines a comprehensive understanding of couples’ issues with her ability to help them work through these problems.

As a licensed mental health counselor in Pueblo, CO, Lenore A. Senior has extensive experience and training in treating patients with emotional, behavioral, and cognitive disorders. She also offers individual and group therapy and performs research on advanced therapy techniques. She also works closely with medical mental health professionals when necessary. Her approach to therapy is holistic, focusing on mental health and treatment of addictions.

During the process of marriage counseling in Pueblo, couples learn how to identify stressors and learn how to overcome those stressors. Couples who attend the program become more spiritually enlightened and work together to overcome potential moments of discord. The benefits of marriage counseling are many and include improving one’s relationship with your partner, deepening your spiritual connection, and enhancing your relationship.

Jessica Dunks

As a licensed professional counselor, Jessica Dunks provides individualized treatment and practical feedback to help clients resolve their personal issues. Her personalized approach identifies the core of the issue, enabling couples to take advantage of their strengths and capitalize on their relationships’ positive attributes. She specializes in substance abuse, grief, anger management, and trauma, as well as marriage counseling. If you are looking for a Pueblo, CO marriage counselor, Jessica Dunks is the right choice for you.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Jessica Dunks has over two decades of experience in helping professions. She has worked in mental health for more than a decade and has a Master of Science in Counseling from the University of Phoenix. She specializes in trauma, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and solution-focused therapies. She helps individuals and couples resolve issues, improve communication, and strengthen spiritual bonds.

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